Marine Surveyors Naples FL – Key Areas to Focus on in a Used Boat

If you are on a tight budget but still want to be a proud boat owner, the most viable option is to go for the used boats. There are so many boats across Florida that are in mint condition. Finding a boat that works for you will be easy. However, you must keep in mind that used boats tend to have a number of hidden problems. Working with marine surveyors Naples FL trusts will help you identify most of these problems and avoid spending money on a doomed vessel. Here are some of the key areas surveyors focus on when inspecting a used boat.


The engine is the heart of a boat. As a result, it is one of the most expensive parts to repair. With that in mind, you must always ensure the boat you are buying has an engine that is in good condition. Marine surveyors Naples FL endorses will conduct several tests to determine the condition of the engine. They start with the dipstick to check the condition of the oil. If the engine oil is milky, that is a sign of water ingress. An engine with water ingress will be a ticking time bomb. The boat surveyor will let you know whether the engine is salvageable or not.

Electrical systems

Modern boats are equipped with all manner of electrical systems. They range from the light switches to the navigation systems. These systems make operating the boat easy. The first thing the surveyor will do is ensure all the systems are working properly. He will then check for electrical surges and inspect the fuse box for wear and tear. If there have been lots of obvious repairs, that is a sign the electrical systems will be problematic.


The hull is the body of the boat. It is what keeps the water out and determines the aesthetics of the boat. An out-of-water inspection is recommended in a hull inspection. This helps the surveyor to inspect the underwater parts. Any major problem will be documented. You can use this information to determine if buying the boat is a good idea or not.


A boat has many pumps that need to be investigated. They include water makers and freshwater pumps, air conditioning systems, and bilge pumps. Pumps are an expensive repair. Make sure all the pumps are working as they should.

Mast and rigging

With sailing boats, the mast and rigging must be considered. A small fault can render the mast and rigging useless. The surveyor will begin the inspection at the chain plate where the rig is affixed to the structure. The surveyor will check for cracks, corrosion, and correct fitting.

Finding problems in a used boat shouldn’t demoralize you. In most cases, you can use the findings to negotiate a lower price. Always make sure the damages are repairable before proceeding with the purchase of a used boat.

Marine Surveyors Naples FL

Marine Surveyors Naples FL – What You Should Know About a Pre-Purchase Survey

The question most prospective boat buyers ask is why they need a pre-purchase survey. The answer is to get a thorough assessment of the vessel they plan on buying. With the help of marine surveyors Naples FL believes in, you will be able to know if the boat you are about to buy will be a great investment or not. A boat survey is needed even on vessels that seem to be in good condition. In most cases, the problems you don’t see are the worst.

In addition to learning more about a used boat, a marine survey may be mandatory more so when it is requested by an insurance provider. It is common for insurance companies to ask for a marine survey report before issuing a cover. Experienced marine surveyors Naples FL trusts will inspect the vessel thoroughly, usually while it is in and out of water. The focus is to cover the list provided by the insurance provider and to ensure the vessel has good structural integrity.

A marine survey is typically requested by a buyer. This means the buyer is the one who pays for the service. For a seller to allow you to perform a survey on their vessel, the seller must accept your offer. Make sure the offer you provide is subject to the results of the survey. That way, if major issues are found, you can pull out of the deal. Keep in mind that most buyers will require that you show commitment. This means you may have to put down a sizeable deposit.

What is included in the report

The primary role of a marine surveyor is to undertake a thorough inspection of a boat; from the bottom up. The surveyor will inspect the vessel using official guidelines which cover the minimum requirements for engine, safety equipment, waste systems, electrical systems and navigation lights. It is the job of the surveyor to identify areas that are unsafe or may ultimately cost you a lot of money in the future.

A surveyor will not offer a personal opinion on whether to proceed with the purchase or not. They only compile a detailed and factual report. It is your job to use the survey report to make your decision on whether to buy the boat or not. The survey report includes descriptions of the boat, onboard systems and the surveyor’s findings in descending order. Photographs will also be included.

While getting a survey is important before buying a vessel, you must ensure that you get the survey from reputable marine surveyors in Naples. Keep in mind that the surveyor only listens and observes; he never takes components apart. If further examination is needed, he will recommend working with a mechanic or electrician.

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Marine Surveyors Naples FL – How to Get the Most from a Marine Survey

When buying the first boat, most people prefer to go for the used ones. They are cheaper and have been verified to holdup in the region they are used and for the activity, they are used for. However, as you get in the market for a used boat, the most important thing you should do is work with marine surveyors Naples FL.

Common mistake buyers make is that of assuming they can inspect a vessel on their own. The truth is if you lack the experience, skills and specialized equipment, you will not be able to find every flaw in a boat. This is where the need for marine surveyors Naples FL comes in. In this post, we will be looking at the key things you should do to rip the most benefits from the input of a boat surveyor in Naples, Florida.

Never miss a survey

The best piece of advice you can get is to never miss a survey. You need to be present for the survey so as to ask the right questions and learn more about the boat buying process. The good thing is most surveyors are happy to answer your questions and share professional advice. Being present for the survey further means you will be around to help the surveyor in any way he wants.

Experience is more important than price

You definitely want to keep the costs of a marine survey down. That is the only way you will be able to have more money left for the boat purchase. This does not, however, mean that you go for the cheapest service provider in your area. Amateurs tend to charge less for their services in order to lure more clients in. Needless to say, working with an inexperienced surveyor will only result in missed issues on the boat. Choose a surveyor based on their experience and not how much they charge. The range of services they offer also matters. You don’t want to keep hopping from one surveyor to the next whenever your needs change, do you?

Use the survey to negotiate

The reason you need a pre-purchase survey done is so as to have an upper hand during negotiations. For example, if you notice there are systems that need to be replaced, you can use this information to force the seller to bring their price down. A marine surveyor in Florida will further include a fair market value of the boat. This information will help you know if the seller is overcharging you. If the seller’s price is way below the fair market value, don’t rush to close the deal. Find out why the price is that low.

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Marine Surveyors Naples Fl – What Does Boat Survey Usually Cover?

While there are many marine surveyors Naples Fl you can work with, not all of them offer the services you need. That is why considering the experience, reputation and type of service a surveyor offers is very important before hiring. Second, you need to understand what the survey will involve in order to be relaxed as the surveyor does his or her work. Here are the common areas that are inspected in a survey.


In most cases, a boat survey usually starts with the inspection of the hull. This includes looking at the underwater, topsides and deck conditions. The marine surveyors Naples Fl will pay attention to the frame or matrix arrangement as well as the condition of the hull-to-keel joint. The focus here is identifying damage to the hull and determine if repairs will be enough.


When it comes to used boats, rudder blades are a common problem. This is more so if the vessel is more than 20 years old. These blades can absorb moisture which leads to structural problems. The boat surveyor will perform basic inspections to confirm the condition of the rudder blades. The test may involve tapping the blades with a ball pein hammer or using a moisture meter.


The condition of the engine has to be reviewed in a pre-purchase survey. The whole purpose of a sea trial is to see how the engine holds up. At times, the survey may plug-in software to diagnose the condition of the engine. The surveyor will provide you with a list of faults after plugging the engine into the diagnostic computer. Keep in mind that most of the problems that can be detected by the diagnostic computer are harder to notice during a sea trial. The survey will also comment on oil leaks, condition of the engine beds, fuel tankage, engine mounts, fuel lines, filters, drive belts, cooling systems and exhaust systems. All the findings will be included in the survey report.

If the surveyor feels there are more serious engine issues that need a closer look before compiling a report, you may be required to work with a mechanic or electrician. The surveyor will only complete the report after getting feedback from any of these specialists. 


A pre-purchase survey is not complete until all the onboard systems are tested. Therefore, as you get ready for a survey, you need to make sure that the batteries are well charged in order to power all onboard systems. The surveyor will comment on the navigation lights, bilge pumps, water systems, water pumps, shower pump outs and more. Diesel heaters will also be inspected.

Other areas that may be inspected include the rigging and safety equipment. Always keep in mind that how thorough a survey is will depend on the surveyor you hire.

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Marine Surveyors Naples Fl – What is Inspected in a Boat Survey

Buying a boat is a process that shares some similarities to buying a car or home. There are, however, some important differences. While the process of purchasing a boat is somewhat straightforward, you must keep in mind that about 80% of boats sold today are pre-owned. Pre-owned vessels may have some hidden issues. It is your job to identify these issues early to avoid investing in a doomed vessel. This is where the services of marine surveyors Naples Fl come in.

The primary duty of marine surveyors Naples Fl is to perform a complete evaluation of a vessel in order to compile a report on required repairs, suitability of a vessel to the intended use and determine the fair market value of the vessel among other things. The question you may have at this point is this; what is involved in a marine inspection?


The first thing a surveyor will do is find and note the hull identification number (HIN). He also checks the state or federal registration marks. This will help you know if the vessel was acquired genuinely, what it was used for and for how long it has been in use.

Moisture readings

While they are designed to be on the water, issues can cause a boat to take in water. When this happens, so many problems follow. That is why one of the jobs of a surveyor is to take moisture readings in the hull and deck. He will also check for blistering or delamination. The structural integrity of the stringers, transom and bulkheads will also be inspected.

Electrical systems

Just like your car, a boat comes with a wide range of gadgets. These are meant to monitor the condition of the vessel and also make sailing easy. Your boat surveyor will check these systems and make sure they are all working properly. In addition to that, the surveyor will help you know the cost of repairing or replacing damaged electrical systems. You will also be informed if there are any missing systems.

Underwater gear

Part of the survey involves inspecting the condition of the underwater gear. This includes the propellers, struts, shafts and key fasteners like floorboards and structural bolts. The surveyor will also do a fuel system inspection. The surveyor will then make an inventory of the required safety gear. This will vary from one type of boat to the next.

A lot has to be looked at in a marine survey. Your biggest task is to find the most competent marine surveyors Naples Fl to help with the inspection. You also need to be present during the inspection, get the boat ready for the inspection and have the money ready to pay for the services rendered.

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