Marine Surveyors Naples Fl – What is Inspected in a Boat Survey

Buying a boat is a process that shares some similarities to buying a car or home. There are, however, some important differences. While the process of purchasing a boat is somewhat straightforward, you must keep in mind that about 80% of boats sold today are pre-owned. Pre-owned vessels may have some hidden issues. It is your job to identify these issues early to avoid investing in a doomed vessel. This is where the services of marine surveyors Naples Fl come in.

The primary duty of marine surveyors Naples Fl is to perform a complete evaluation of a vessel in order to compile a report on required repairs, suitability of a vessel to the intended use and determine the fair market value of the vessel among other things. The question you may have at this point is this; what is involved in a marine inspection?


The first thing a surveyor will do is find and note the hull identification number (HIN). He also checks the state or federal registration marks. This will help you know if the vessel was acquired genuinely, what it was used for and for how long it has been in use.

Moisture readings

While they are designed to be on the water, issues can cause a boat to take in water. When this happens, so many problems follow. That is why one of the jobs of a surveyor is to take moisture readings in the hull and deck. He will also check for blistering or delamination. The structural integrity of the stringers, transom and bulkheads will also be inspected.

Electrical systems

Just like your car, a boat comes with a wide range of gadgets. These are meant to monitor the condition of the vessel and also make sailing easy. Your boat surveyor will check these systems and make sure they are all working properly. In addition to that, the surveyor will help you know the cost of repairing or replacing damaged electrical systems. You will also be informed if there are any missing systems.

Underwater gear

Part of the survey involves inspecting the condition of the underwater gear. This includes the propellers, struts, shafts and key fasteners like floorboards and structural bolts. The surveyor will also do a fuel system inspection. The surveyor will then make an inventory of the required safety gear. This will vary from one type of boat to the next.

A lot has to be looked at in a marine survey. Your biggest task is to find the most competent marine surveyors Naples Fl to help with the inspection. You also need to be present during the inspection, get the boat ready for the inspection and have the money ready to pay for the services rendered.

Marine Surveyors Naples Fl