Yacht Insurance Naples Fl – Common Causes for Insurance Claims

Yacht insurance Naples Fl is there as a precaution in case something happens to your boat. While most boat owners never ever get the need to file a claim, it is always good to have a cover in place than to need one and not have it. Knowing why and how damages to a yacht occur can help avoid them and know when to file an insurance claim. In this post, we will be looking at the main reasons boat owners file for an insurance claim.

Striking a submerged object

You may be a great captain but there are certain things you cannot avoid.  Striking a submerged object is the main reason most boat owners end up filing a claim with their boat insurance company. Needless to say, there has been an increase in the number of floating debris due to storms and extreme tides. Being vigilant while sailing is important but unfortunately the risk of striking a submerged object is pretty high. Striking submerged objects is the leading cause of sunken boat claims. If you have yacht insurance Naples Fl and you hit a submerged object, you should check the bilge immediately and frequently thereafter.  


A boat can sink for any reason. It may be because you hit a submerged object or the lesser fittings such as clamps and hoses are damaged. Clamps and hoses only last a couple of years and will fail before the beefy seacock that they are attached to. Rainwater that is not drained properly may also cause a boat to sink. Clogged scupper kills the battery and the bilge pump. If you plan on selling your boat, you should take note that the marine surveyor in Naples Florida will pay close attention to the effects of improperly drained rainwater. You have to keep a keen eye on these items.


DC wiring faults are the leading cause of yacht fires. Most problems are caused by chafed wires which result from poor support or insecure attachment. The AC shore-power cord inlets also cause fires as they wear and corrode.

Bad weather

You cannot control the weather. The best you can do is make plans for a boat surveyor to inspect the condition of your boat so that you can tackle repairs without delay. To avoid being charged high premiums by boat insurance companies for filing too many claims, consider protecting your boat from bad weather. Start by minimizing windage, tying up securely, guarding against chafe as well as staying protected to reduce storm damage. For lightning strikes, ensure your yacht has the proper bonding system to direct strikes to the ground.

Even if you have the best yacht insurance Naples Fl, you should note that filing fewer claims will make you an ideal client and insurance companies will give you better deals. Last but not least, don’t depend too much on the valuation done by your insurance company. Hire a marine surveyor for an independent survey and valuation. That way you will get the most comprehensive cover for your yacht.

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