Marine Surveyors Naples FL – Why Would You Need a Boat Survey?

More often than not, boat buyers are blown away by how good the deal is or how amazing a boat looks. This causes them to commit to buying a boat without getting a professional inspection. The fact all marine surveyors Naples FL trusts, knows is most boat issues are hidden. You need an experienced professional to help you understand the flaws that your target boat has. But what are the exact reasons you should get a boat survey in Naples, Florida?

Understand all the issues

The main reason you need the help of marine surveyors Naples FL is to get a complete understanding of the current condition of your target boat. For this purpose, you will need a full condition survey; also referred to as a pre-purchase survey. It is the most comprehensive type of survey and is meant to delve deep into the condition of a vessel.

The marine surveyor will check everything from structural integrity, safety systems, and electronics to interior cosmetics and more. While boats have varying requirements, the full condition survey will focus on the transom, hull, mechanical, propulsion gear, engine, electronics, fittings, and communications equipment. The surveyor will report on such things as missing equipment, osmosis, cracks, water damage, and signs of accidents. At the end of the survey, you will get a comprehensive report on the general condition of the boat, age-related wear and tear as well as connections and deck fixtures.

For insurance purposes

In addition to understanding the condition of the boat, you may have to hire a marine surveyor for an insurance survey. While it is the most basic type of survey, an insurance survey helps the insurer understand the current condition and fair market value of the boat. In most cases, the insurance company will give you a list of items that have to be assessed during a survey. You will also need to find a boat surveyor that is approved by your insurance provider.

To get financing

Do you plan on using your boat as collateral or getting financing to buy the boat? If you do, lenders will require that you get a marine survey done. This is similar to an insurance survey. Financial institutions or marine mortgage lenders will require a survey to be done before they sign off on a loan. The goal is for them to understand the condition and value of your boat before accepting it as collateral.

All things considered, a marine survey in Naples is meant to give all the parties involved the much-deserved peace of mind. You, the insurance company, and lenders will know exactly what you are getting into before committing. The key, however, is to find the most competent marine surveyor in Naples, FL.

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