Marine Surveyor Naples – Important Points to Keep in Mind Before a Yacht Survey

With the right preparation and the right marine surveyor Naples, having a yacht survey can be stressful. While no one likes the expenses that come with boat ownership, spending money on a yacht survey is one of the most important things you will ever do. This is because a survey helps you understand the exact condition of the boat you are thinking about buying. A survey will also be required when you need to finance your purchase and when getting insurance for your boat. This is, however, not all you need to know about yacht surveys.

Not all surveyors are equal

The first point you need to understand is that not all marine surveyors are equal. For starters, not every surveyor will be able to inspect your yacht. When hiring a marine surveyor Naples, you need to make sure they are experienced and equipped to inspect the type of boat you are targeting. It is also good to take a look at the range of services they offer. If you need a survey done for the purposes of insurance, you need to make sure that your insurance company does accept survey reports from the surveyor you are working with.

Know what you are buying before anything is done

A common mistake people make is that of hiring a boat surveyor based on price alone. If you instruct a survey on price alone, you will end up feeling short-changed. The last thing you want is to get an incomprehensive survey that ignores significant issues. When hiring a surveyor, start by knowing about the services he or she will be offering. The idea is to get a comprehensive survey report that lets you know precisely what you are buying.

Know what you will need

Prior to giving the boat surveyor a greenlight, you need to be mindful of what you may need. For example, is the vessel at an age where insurance companies will require you to get a survey? In most cases, insurance companies require a survey report on boats that more than 30 years old. Some underwriters will even require a survey if your boat is 25 years or older. You need to liaise with your preferred insurance company before getting a survey done.

Ensure the surveyor is insured

One of the worst things that can ever happen is to buy a boat only to learn later that the surveyor missed major issues. In this case you will have made a bad investment. To avoid finding yourself in such situations, you should work with a marine surveyor Naples that has a professional indemnity insurance cover.

Marine Surveyor Naples

Marine Surveyor Naples – What to Expect in a Marine Survey

If you are new to boating, the process of buying a boat and getting a survey performed may seem daunting. The first thing a marine surveyor Naples will tell you is that buying a boat is not like any other purchase. There are certain steps that have to be followed in order to achieve the desired outcomes. There are several mistakes newbies make which end up turning the experience less pleasurable. Here is what you should do when getting ready for a marine survey.

The first thing you have to do is decide on the boat that you want. Review the service history to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you don’t understand the paperwork you can consult a marine surveyor Naples or a mechanic. Once you are okay about buying the specific boat, you need to request a contract of sale from the buyer before making a deposit. Once you and the seller agree to the terms, you can make a deposit. Most sellers require that you make a deposit of about 5 to 10 percent in order to initiate the process of a boat survey.

Contact a Surveyor

In most cases, hiring a boat surveyor is as simple as calling and setting a date. You can complete an online form which helps the surveyor organize the rest of the survey for you. Find a surveyor that offers a full boat survey process including a comprehensive report upon request. It is also good to ask the surveyor how much the service will cost and how long it will take.

What About Slipping?

Also known as hard-standing, slipping is the process of removing the boat from the water for an inspection or repair. For a complete inspection, it is normal practice for a boat to be ‘slipped’. This helps check the underwater components as well as clean the bottom of the boat. The vessel is then put back into the water for a sea trial. Slipping is often required in order for a pre-purchase report to be accepted by a majority of insurance providers. It is also necessary when you are buying a used boat. It is normal practice for a buyer to pay for both slipping and cleaning of the hull. It is okay for slipping and sea trial to be done separately if the survey has to be done over a period of more than one day.

In addition to hiring the best marine surveyor Naples for the job, the second most important thing you should do is attend the boat survey process. This enables you to ask all the questions you want and for you to help the surveyor perform a thorough inspection. You must, however, remember to stay out of the way of the surveyor. Don’t be a distraction.

Marine Surveyor Naples