Marine Surveyors Naples FL – What You Should Know About a Pre-Purchase Survey

The question most prospective boat buyers ask is why they need a pre-purchase survey. The answer is to get a thorough assessment of the vessel they plan on buying. With the help of marine surveyors Naples FL believes in, you will be able to know if the boat you are about to buy will be a great investment or not. A boat survey is needed even on vessels that seem to be in good condition. In most cases, the problems you don’t see are the worst.

In addition to learning more about a used boat, a marine survey may be mandatory more so when it is requested by an insurance provider. It is common for insurance companies to ask for a marine survey report before issuing a cover. Experienced marine surveyors Naples FL trusts will inspect the vessel thoroughly, usually while it is in and out of water. The focus is to cover the list provided by the insurance provider and to ensure the vessel has good structural integrity.

A marine survey is typically requested by a buyer. This means the buyer is the one who pays for the service. For a seller to allow you to perform a survey on their vessel, the seller must accept your offer. Make sure the offer you provide is subject to the results of the survey. That way, if major issues are found, you can pull out of the deal. Keep in mind that most buyers will require that you show commitment. This means you may have to put down a sizeable deposit.

What is included in the report

The primary role of a marine surveyor is to undertake a thorough inspection of a boat; from the bottom up. The surveyor will inspect the vessel using official guidelines which cover the minimum requirements for engine, safety equipment, waste systems, electrical systems and navigation lights. It is the job of the surveyor to identify areas that are unsafe or may ultimately cost you a lot of money in the future.

A surveyor will not offer a personal opinion on whether to proceed with the purchase or not. They only compile a detailed and factual report. It is your job to use the survey report to make your decision on whether to buy the boat or not. The survey report includes descriptions of the boat, onboard systems and the surveyor’s findings in descending order. Photographs will also be included.

While getting a survey is important before buying a vessel, you must ensure that you get the survey from reputable marine surveyors in Naples. Keep in mind that the surveyor only listens and observes; he never takes components apart. If further examination is needed, he will recommend working with a mechanic or electrician.

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