Marine Surveyors Naples FL – Key Areas to Focus on in a Used Boat

If you are on a tight budget but still want to be a proud boat owner, the most viable option is to go for the used boats. There are so many boats across Florida that are in mint condition. Finding a boat that works for you will be easy. However, you must keep in mind that used boats tend to have a number of hidden problems. Working with marine surveyors Naples FL trusts will help you identify most of these problems and avoid spending money on a doomed vessel. Here are some of the key areas surveyors focus on when inspecting a used boat.


The engine is the heart of a boat. As a result, it is one of the most expensive parts to repair. With that in mind, you must always ensure the boat you are buying has an engine that is in good condition. Marine surveyors Naples FL endorses will conduct several tests to determine the condition of the engine. They start with the dipstick to check the condition of the oil. If the engine oil is milky, that is a sign of water ingress. An engine with water ingress will be a ticking time bomb. The boat surveyor will let you know whether the engine is salvageable or not.

Electrical systems

Modern boats are equipped with all manner of electrical systems. They range from the light switches to the navigation systems. These systems make operating the boat easy. The first thing the surveyor will do is ensure all the systems are working properly. He will then check for electrical surges and inspect the fuse box for wear and tear. If there have been lots of obvious repairs, that is a sign the electrical systems will be problematic.


The hull is the body of the boat. It is what keeps the water out and determines the aesthetics of the boat. An out-of-water inspection is recommended in a hull inspection. This helps the surveyor to inspect the underwater parts. Any major problem will be documented. You can use this information to determine if buying the boat is a good idea or not.


A boat has many pumps that need to be investigated. They include water makers and freshwater pumps, air conditioning systems, and bilge pumps. Pumps are an expensive repair. Make sure all the pumps are working as they should.

Mast and rigging

With sailing boats, the mast and rigging must be considered. A small fault can render the mast and rigging useless. The surveyor will begin the inspection at the chain plate where the rig is affixed to the structure. The surveyor will check for cracks, corrosion, and correct fitting.

Finding problems in a used boat shouldn’t demoralize you. In most cases, you can use the findings to negotiate a lower price. Always make sure the damages are repairable before proceeding with the purchase of a used boat.

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