Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – Why You Need to Beware of Grimy Engines

Hiring boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts is the most important thing to do when buying a boat. The surveyor will not only help you understand the exact condition of the vessel you are after but also enlighten you on the fair market value and whether the boat is a good fit for your intended use. However, considering it costs money to hire a marine surveyor, you have to be certain that the vessel you are considering is a good candidate before you bring in a surveyor. One way of checking if the boat is worth buying is by taking a look at the engine.

When inspecting a boat, the main area boat surveyors Fort Myers focus on is the engine. The engine is the heart of the boat. If it is faulty, the boat will not perform well. Long before you bring in a surveyor, you need to beware of grimy engines and bilges.

The appearance of a boat’s engine says a lot about the condition of the vessel. This is why you should pay close attention to the outward appearance of the engine. If it is grimy with oil, this may indicate a problem. You also need to take a lot at the exhaust outlet or the heat exchanger. The pan under the engine should also be inspected for oil spills and rust. If the engine is grimy, dirty, or has worn belts, chances are the boat will have more issues than you would want. It may also simply mean that the engine was not cleaned.

You should ask the seller to get the engine cleaned before an inspection. Here are the three reasons why a clean engine is important.

  • Safety. Accumulated oil and fuel spills create toxic sheens, and fumes, as well as flammable conditions. This leads to safety problems. Oil in the bilge will also attract and clump with dirt, dust, hair, and all manner of dirt.
  • Dirt hides secrets. It is obvious that inspecting a dirty engine will be a lot harder even for the most experienced marine surveyor in Fort Myers. This is for the simple fact that dirt will hide problems. It will be harder for the surveyor to spot leaks when the engine is dirty. Getting it cleaned prior to the inspection will save a lot of time as well as guarantee an accurate inspection.
  • Pollution. Even if the engine runs well with all the dirt, it will throw most of the spills into the water thus causing pollution.

The rule of thumb is a clean engine and bilge indicate the boat has been taken good care of. Be careful when buying a boat with an untidy engine.

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – How Do You Buy a Classic Boat?

A classic boat is a vessel that was built between 1943 and 1975. These vessels are also referred to as vintage boats. As you may have already guessed, the process of buying a classic boat is not the same as that of buying a modern boat. While there are some similarities such as having to involve a boat surveyor Fort Myerstrusts, there are special considerations you will have to make.

Choose a boat

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of boat you want to buy. Do you need a power or a sailboat? How big of a boat are you looking for? Deciding on a boat to buy is the easy part. The real work starts when finding, evaluating, and buying a boat. Involving a boat surveyor Fort Myers throughout the purchase process will ensure you don’t end up with a doomed vessel.

The project, restored, or replica boat

It is obvious most of the boats that were built more than four decades ago will not all be in perfect condition. This is why you have to decide on whether to buy a project, restored or replica boat. A project boat is not for the faint-hearted or newbies. This is a boat that requires a lot of work to make it seaworthy. The best thing about project boats is that they are inexpensive. Make sure you understand how much money and time it will cost for you to restore the boat.

Restored classic boats are those that have been fixed up and are seaworthy. In most cases, these boats are sold by people who bought project boats, fixed them up, and are selling them as restored boats for a profit. The best thing about these vessels is that they are ready for sailing. The drawback, on the other hand, is they can be very expensive. Always involve a marine surveyor to inspect the condition of the boat.

The third option is that of a replica boat. Just as the name implies, these are not original classic boats. They are modern boats that have been built to mimic the aesthetics and feel of a classic boat. They are built using the same materials of a classic boat but may include modern equipment. The best thing about these vessels is they require less care since they are built using modern materials.

True classic boats are a special breed. There are boat brokers that are dedicated to offering vessels in this category. However, before you buy a true classic boat, you need to bring in a boat surveyor that has experience inspecting classic boats. 

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – Documentation to Ask for When Buying a Boat

There are many things to consider when buying a boat. From assessing its condition to making sure the seller is the real owner. To avoid problems during and after the sale, it is highly recommended to engage the services of experienced boat surveyors Fort Myers. A surveyor is skilled and equipped to assess the condition of a boat and provide you with a detailed survey report. You can use this report to determine if the boat is a good fit for you and to negotiate better terms. In this post, however, our primary focus will be the documentation you should ask for from the seller.

Bill of Sale

The bill of sale is a document that outlines the terms of the transaction between the buyer and the seller. It is also what legally transfers the boat’s ownership to you. It is one of the most important documents you should ask for when buying a boat. Each state has its requirements on what should be included in a bill of sale. Boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts will be able to help you know if everything has been covered. Keep in mind that a bill of sale is meant to protect you and the seller in case of future disputes. Make sure you understand every detail of this document before signing.

Warranty Documentation

The purpose of a warranty on a sale is to prove that there are no outstanding claims against a vessel. For brand-new boats, you will get a manufacturer’s guarantee. For a pre-owned boat, the warranty is given by the seller. If a seller is offering a warranty to potential buyers, make sure you go through the terms they are providing. You will also need the input of a marine surveyor to help you ensure the warranty is not inadequate. 

Boat Title

Who is the outright owner of the boat you are buying? This question is answered by the boat title. This is a crucial document that provides proof of ownership. It guarantees that the boat is legal and hasn’t been stolen. In some cases, the seller may provide you with other proof of ownership documents rather than a boat title. In this case, consult your boat surveyor in Fort Myers to make sure the provided documents are acceptable.

Maintenance Records

Last but not least, you need the maintenance records. These are what tell you if the boat has been maintained well or not. The records should include general maintenance, cleaning, repainting and other major repairs that have been done over the years. The bigger a boat is the more maintenance it will need.

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – Which Fishing Boat Should You Buy?

You are probably reading this post because you are in the market for a fishing boat. You are not the only one asking this question and the good news is there is help available. However, before you make any decision on any promising fishing vessel, you need to involve experienced boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts. The role of a boat surveyor is to perform a thorough inspection of a boat and determine if it is a good fit for the intended purpose. In this post, however, we will be looking at the best boats for fishing.

Displacement and a semi-displacement hull

This type of hull is designed to push through the water as the boat powers forward. The design creates a huge amount of drag and as a result limits speed. The equation used to calculate maximum speed is 1.34 multiplied by the square root of the waterline length. If you go for a boat that has a 16-foot hull and a square root of 4, the maximum speed will be 4 multiplied by 1.34 which leads to a maximum speed of 5.36 knots. A bigger engine will not do much in increasing the top speed but rather reduces stability. You should, however, let boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts make sure the engine and hull are in perfect condition.

If what you need is a slow-moving fishing boat, the displacement and semi-displacement hull will be a good choice. The main boats in this category are the trawlers and tugs. These boats are fuel efficient and able to cope in rough waters. Semi-displacement hulls are more modern boat designs. The increase boat speed by flattening the rear section of the hull.

Planing Hull

These types of fishing boats rise up and skim or ‘plane’ over the water after attaining enough speed. They need a powerful engine and the hull is made of lightweight materials. The boat design has a V-shaped section at the bow which helps the hull to cut easily through the water. These boats can attain speeds of up to 15 knots. The shallow draft makes these boat ideal for fishing in rivers and small lakes. They offer a smooth ride on rough waters. They can, however, bank or roll in sharp turns.

Cathedral or Semi-Cathedral Hulls 

This is a variation of the planing hull design. They have a deep V-shape that runs along the center with smaller V-shaped sections on either side. This design creates three keels. The design is ideal if you need a stable boat that can move at great speeds. The boats are ideal for beach launching because they sit upright when they are grounded. The main drawback is these boats are quite fuel-thirsty when driven slowly. They are also not perfect on rough waters. The semi-cathedral hull counters the flaws of the cathedral hull fishing boat. It is, however, important to note that semi-cathedral hulls are less stable than cathedral hulls.

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – How to Finance the Purchase of a Used Boat

Gone are the days you had to carry cash to buy your dream boat. Today, there are many options you can use to finance your dream. If you are in the market for a boat, this post will look at the financing option you have. First, it is important to involve boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts to know if you are buying a good boat and if the selling price is fair. With that out of the way, here is the information you must have when working with lenders.

Marine mortgages

When you need financing for a new boat, your best option is a marine mortgage. Many lenders offer this type of financing to purchase new and used boats. These lenders have varying criteria on how they qualify applicants. A common trend is requiring buyers to provide a marine survey. This is done by boat surveyors Fort Myers depends on. The surveyor will determine the fair market value of the boat and document all the issues the vessel has. This report helps lenders to determine how much to give you.

Down payment

Lenders will most likely require you to pay a deposit. You have to calculate the deposit in the initial cost. The deposit is usually 15 to 20 percent of the loan amount. However, the amount will depend on the size, age, and type of boat you are buying. Making a higher down payment will help you qualify for lower interest rates or shorter loan terms.

Loan term

The average loan term for a marine mortgage is 10 years. This can vary. If you choose a shorter loan term, your monthly repayments will be higher. It is always good to finance your boat at the lowest term possible. You must, however, make sure that the monthly payments fit your budget.

Interest rate

Just like with home mortgages, marine mortgage providers will allow you to choose between fixed-rate simple interest loans or variable rate loans. Although a variable interest rate might appear to be low, keep in mind that it can change, and you end up paying higher repayments. Fixed-rate simple interest loans are thus considered to be less risky. Again, make sure you understand how long the rate will remain fixed. Although interest rates change frequently, you can expect to pay a rate of between 3% and 8% APR.

When seeking financing for a new boat, the best thing to do is to choose a lender carefully. Make sure you understand the loan terms precisely before you commit.

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – Simple Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Boat

After deciding to buy a boat, the next step is finding the one that will be perfect for you. This is never easy. The market has so many options. If you have the budget, you can buy a brand new boat that can be customized to your specifications. However, if you are like most people, buying a used boat will save you money, help you afford a bigger boat, and avoid the pain of seeing the rapid depreciation of a new boat. You must, however, involve boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts, especially when buying a used boat.

What type of boat suits you?

This is the first question you must answer before you commence your search for a boat. If you have the budget and are interested in leisure, a yacht might be a good choice for you. A speedboat will be ideal if you love speed and enjoy flying over the waves at breakneck knots. The question you need to answer is what you need the boat for.

At times, buyers choose the wrong boat for their desired activity. To avoid making this mistake, you should consider involving boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts. After finding a boat you feel is perfect for fishing, water skiing, scuba diving or any other activity you are interested in, you need the input of a marine surveyor to help you know if the boat is perfect for the job. The surveyor will also inspect your target boat for damages and missing equipment and confirm that the paperwork is in order.

Set a budget

As aforementioned, you will be spoilt for choice when you start searching for a boat to buy. To keep yourself from being overwhelmed, you need to set a budget. The best thing about having a budget is that it helps you focus on the boats you can actually afford. Your budget should not just include the cost of buying a boat. It should include the cost of insurance, maintenance and other costs.  

Be specific

When searching for the boat you want, it is easy for the brokers and private sellers to convince you to buy something you didn’t plan for. That is why you must be as specific as possible. You need to narrow your search down to the manufacturer and model you want. You also need to compile a list of the equipment you want on your dream boat. Doing so will keep you from being swayed away.

Once you find your dream boat, don’t commit to it without having a professional inspect it first. The input of a boat surveyor in Fort Myers will help you uncover problems on the boat and help you know if you are getting a good deal or not.

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Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – Winter Boat Buying Tips

Winter is the off-season for boat buying. It is also a time when boating tends to come to a standstill. If you can brave the cold, winter is the best time to start shopping around for your dream boat and get the best deal. However, the rule of thumb is to involve an experienced boat surveyor Fort Myers trust to help with boat inspections. Never buy a boat simply because the price tag is unbeatable. Take time to look inside. A boat surveyor will make you aware of all the problems the vessel has and the fair market value of the boat.

Winter is the best time to get unbeatable deals and ample time when shopping for a boat. Here are important tips you should use when shopping during winter.

Research the boat model and type

The best place to start your search is online. Here you will find postings of virtually all types of boats. As you explore the boats by type, size, geographic area, and more, you need to pay special attention to the boat’s model. What is the model of the boat? When was it built? Who built it? If you are unsure which boat type, brand, or model is perfect for you, you can call a boat surveyor Fort Myers trusts for help. A surveyor will inspect the model you are considering and give you useful information. You can then use this information to determine if the vessel is the right fit for you or not.

Check the resale values

Just like with some car models, some boats have terrible resale value. If you are buying your first boat, you will need to sell it at one point in time. You don’t want to get peanuts for it, do you? That is why it is so important to research the resale value before buying. You can start with market comparisons online. Take a look at how much similar models are selling for. You also need to involve a professional. You can talk to a yardmaster, boat surveyor, or mechanic to learn more about the boat model you are considering. What is its resale value?

Inquire about the boat now

People make a mistake after finding their dream boat during winter by waiting until spring to inquire about it. The demand for boats is usually higher during spring, and another buyer might make an offer before you if you wait too long. So, if you like a boat, inquire about it now. Once you make an offer, you can arrange a boat inspection when the weather improves.

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Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – Do You Need a Boat Survey to Sell Your Boat?

A boat survey will help you determine the overall condition of your boat and also helps establish its actual value. This information is quite important when getting ready to sell your boat thus the reason you should work with a boat surveyor Fort Myers.

Buyers know that an old boat survey is worthless. This is because a survey report is a snapshot of the condition of a boat on the day the survey was done. As a result, boat buyers make arrangements to get an independent survey done. One thing you can be sure of is that the boat surveyor Fort Myers of the buyer will uncover most of the flaws your boat has. To avoid selling at a loss, it is good to get ahead of things. The right way of doing this is to get your own survey done before putting up a ‘for-sale’ sign.

Getting a boat survey is not mandatory. It is, however, essential. While you can resolve to inspect the boat yourself, your lack of experience and the right tools will always cause you to miss things. For example, if you don’t have infrared imaging equipment, you will not be able to know if the noise from a specific component is serious or not. When the surveyor of the buyer uses special equipment to look into the equipment, they may find an issue that may scare off a buyer or cause them to demand a huge discount. Getting a professional survey helps you know your boat inside and out. The survey report will help work on flaws that may be detrimental to the sale. You can fix the major issues in order to boost the selling price.

Condition and value survey

The type of survey you need when selling a boat is known as a condition and value survey. Getting this type of survey on a larger and older boat is essential when selling a boat. With this survey, the marine surveyor will complete a visual inspection of the boat. The surveyor will also use special equipment like a moisture meter to better evaluate the boat. If you need the bottom to be inspected, something a buyer may request when conducting a pre-purchase survey, you will need to make plans for haul-out.

When compared to how much you will end up saving at the end of the day, working with a boat surveyor Fort Myers is a worth investment. The survey report will help you get ahead of things and get the best value for your boat. Always enlist the help of an experienced marine surveyor; someone that has surveyed boats that are similar to yours.

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Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – What Do They Do?

If you have never worked with boat surveyors Fort Myers, you may have unrealistic expectations regarding what these professionals do. The purpose of this post is to help you understand who a boat surveyor is and what he or she will do for you. Let’s get started.

Who is a boat surveyor?

As you may already know, boat surveyors Fort Myers are professionals hired to perform certain inspections on a boat. These professionals either have a strong boating and/or mechanical background. Other professionals distinguish themselves by completing relevant courses. Bearing in mind a boat surveyor is not required to be licensed or qualified, you have to be very careful before hiring a service provider. The standards in the industry vary greatly.

Why hire a boat surveyor?

You are not mandated to hire a boat surveyor when buying a new vessel. It is, however, highly recommended to work with on. This is for the simple fact that buying a boat is a huge financial decision. The input of a boat surveyor helps mitigate the risks of making a bad investment. Surveyors have more experience inspecting boats and will use specialized tools to thoroughly examine a vessel.

If you plan on financing your purchase, you will have to provide lenders with a detailed survey report from a certified boat surveyor. The case is the same if you want to insure your boat. Insurance companies will require that you provide a survey report from a surveyor they approve.

What types of surveys are available?

There are many types of surveys you can request. An experienced boat surveyor will be able to offer the following:

  • Valuation surveys
  • Safety and operational surveys
  • Damage surveys
  • Cargo surveys
  • Insurance surveys
  • Hull surveys
  • Corrosion surveys
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Surveying rigs and sails

Most surveyors will combine several of the aforementioned types of surveys into one. As a result, the various surveys offered by surveyors may fall into just four categories; pre-purchase survey, insurance survey, damage inspection, and appraisal inspection. The type of survey you need will depend on the purpose.  

How to hire the best surveyor

As aforementioned, boat surveyors Fort Myers are not all the same. That is why you have to be very careful before hiring. To find the right surveyor, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Have you surveyed boats that are of the same make or model as mine?
  • What will be included in the survey?
  • What is the turnaround time on getting the survey report?

No matter who you hire to perform a survey, you must remember that surveyors always protect themselves from lawsuits. They do so by using a certain language in the survey report. That is why you must always go with a surveyor who is experienced and has an impeccable track record.

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