Marine Surveyor Estero – Guide for Buying Vintage and Classic Boats

Just like some cars, there are some boats that withstand the test of time despite being classified as depreciating assets. All the same, you must never go ahead with the purchase of the so-called classic boats without getting the input of a marine surveyor Esterotrusts. This is for the simple fact that not every old boat is a classic boat. You don’t want to be swindled, do you? In this post, we will be using the term vintage and classic interchangeably.

Understanding the terms

Prior to getting started on the purchase of a classic boat, it is good to start by learning about the terms used. Yes, an experienced marine surveyor Estero will be able to help you understand these terms but it doesn’t hurt to learn about them on your own. Here are the most common terms you will come across.

  • Historic boats: Boats built before 1918.
  • Antique boats: Boats built between 1919 and 1942
  • Classic boats: Boats built between 1943 and 1975
  • Late Classic Boats: Boats built between 1976 and 1995

When shopping for a boat, it is good to note that the term vintage boats are used to describe vessels under the classic boat era. These are often boats that have been restored. There are also some new replicas built with actual old-school equipment. After a marine survey, a boat surveyor will help you know if you are dealing with a real vintage boat or a replica boat.

Examples of classic boats

Classic boats are made either of fiberglass or wood. The first fiberglass boats are more than 60 years old. Some good examples of classic powerboat brands are:

  • Wheeler
  • Chris Craft
  • Century
  • Gar Wood
  • Trumpy
  • Hacker-Craft
  • Riva
  • Lyman

Classic sailboat builders include:

  • Sparkman & Stephens
  • Hinckley
  • Kettenburg
  • Alden
  • Crosby Catboat
  • Herreshoff

Whether you are searching for a streamlined rowing boat, runabout, day sailor, or open wooden dinghy, you might be lucky enough to find one that is still afloat. It is good to start by being specific about what you want in a classic boat. Do you want a project, replica, or restored classic boat? What do you need the boat for? The answer to these questions will keep you from making the wrong choice.

All things considered, to make sure the vessel is in good condition and has been priced well, you will need the services of a marine surveyor in Estero. The surveyor will comb through every inch of the boat and help you know if anything is amiss. You can use the survey report to make a better choice.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – What is the Cost of Owning a Boat

In 2019, there was a total of 11.8 million boats registered to private owners in the United States. With the rise of social distanced leisure and outdoor activities, the interest in boat ownership has gone up. If you are a first-time boat owner, one thing you must never do is underestimate the cost of owning a boat. Most people only look at the price tag. The truth, however, is there are many more costs associated with owning a boat. While not a major cost, the first expense you must think about is the cost of working with a marine surveyor Esterotrusts.

Cost of hiring a boat surveyor

When buying a used boat, you have to make sure that the vessel is in perfect shape. Unless you are interested in a project boat, the vessel you consider has to be safe for the sea. Needless to say, there is a lot to be inspected. There is also the fact that sellers do minor upgrades to mask the main issues. To understand the exact condition of a boat, you need the input of an experienced marine surveyor Estero trusts. Boat surveyors offer varying rates for their services. For a small boat, you can land at a fixed rate. However, if the boat you are after is large, you will be charged per foot. The average rate charged by boat surveyors is between $20 and $25 per foot of boat.

Fuel and operating costs

The next cost you have to think about is fuel and operating costs. When you buy a motorized boat, you have to be prepared for the cost of fuel. You also have to think about the cost of maintaining, repairing and replacing pumps, batteries, lights, oil and other equipment. These costs vary depending on the type and size of the boat you own.

Cost of boat insurance

While it is not mandatory to have boat insurance, it is always good to protect your investment with a suitable insurance cover. This is more so if you use your boat often and in high-traffic areas. Basic boat insurance covers certain repairs. Compare the policies offered by various insurance companies and select the one that best suits your needs.

Certification costs

Getting proper boating certification will help you get better rates on insurance. It also makes you a better boater. If you enjoy boating over state lines with your boat, you should consider getting certification from the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. The cost of getting relevant certification is pretty low but worth considering.

Storage costs

When not in use, you will have to store your boat somewhere. The cost of storage is the biggest expense boat owners deal with. The cost is calculated based on how big your boat is. Marinas can charge thousands of dollars a month to store your boat in exchange for quick access to the water and an exclusive club.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – How to Buy a Fishing Boat

If you love fishing, your dream is probably to own a fishing boat. The boat will allow you to travel the waters searching for fish without being confined to the edge of a lake or pond. But which boat should you buy? Is every fishing boat a good fit for you? In this post, we shall be looking at the key considerations you must make before settling on a boat. We will also be looking at why it is important to involve a marine surveyor Estero trusts in the buying process.

Decide on the type of boat you want

The first step in buying a fishing boat is deciding on the type of boat you want. There are several variations available in the category of fishing boats. To narrow down your search, you need to decide if you want a freshwater or a saltwater fishing boat.

When fishing on a lake or pond, the specific type of boat to choose is the freshwater fishing boat. The best types of boats in this category are the bass boats, cuddy cabin boats and side console boats. For saltwater fishing, you will be doing your fishing in the ocean. The best boats in this category are convertibles, center console boats and bay boats.

You should consult a marine surveyor Estero before settling on a boat. The surveyor will help you understand the exact condition of the boat you are targeting. The surveyor will also help you know if the boat you are after is a good fit for your desired activity or type of fishing. Keep in mind that buying a boat is a big investment so make sure you get the professional input of an experienced boat surveyor in Estero.

Gather as much information as you can

Just because you are certain you need a bass boat doesn’t mean you commit to the first bass boat that comes your way. The internet has lots of information on various types of boats. Pay attention to what fishermen are saying about your preferred type of boat. boating publications, magazines and brochures will also give you some idea on whether the boat you want to buy is a good fit. You also need to be honest with your boat surveyor on what you plan on using the boat for. A smaller boat will not be ideal if you want to live on a fishing boat or take long boating trips.

Keep your budget in mind

Last but not least, you need to remember your budget. This will help narrow down to the boat that is perfect for you. Your budget will also keep you from going for unnecessary extras. With your budget in mind, you also need to think about the cost of maintenance, insurance, registration and storage for the boat. Can you afford it?

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Marine Surveyor Estero – Questions to Ask a Boat Seller

Working with an experienced marine surveyor Esterotrusts is the key to avoiding disappointment when buying a used boat. This is because the surveyor will help you know how much the boat is really worth, possible issues it has or issues you can expect in the near future, missing equipment, and so on. However, even with the input of a boat surveyor, you have a part to play. Part of your role is to ask the seller the right questions. Here are the questions you should be prepared to ask.

What condition is the boat in? Is there anything that needs to be replaced?

The ad listing and amazing photos of the boat might sweep you off your feet. This does not, however, mean that the boat has no problems. The first two questions you must ask are what condition the boat is in and if it has anything that needs to be replaced. It is good to ask this because the seller will not allow you to perform a marine survey until you show commitment. Asking these questions further helps you understand if the boat will be a project boat or not. It is obvious that sellers will not be as honest about the condition of the boat. They may conceal some problems so as not to scare you off. Once the negotiations start, make sure you hire your own marine surveyor Estero trusts to perform a thorough inspection on the boat. The inspection will give you a clear idea on the exact condition of the boat. Never take the seller’s word for it.

Was the boat used in salt or fresh water?

This is yet another important question you must ask. Boats that were used in salt water have more rust problems than those used on fresh water. If you plan on using the boat on salt water, you also want to make sure the boat can withstand salt water. Knowing where a boat has been used will help you know what to focus on during an inspection.

Are you the original owner?

As a buyer, you want to get a complete history of the boat. A good seller will provide you with all the ownership paperwork. This may include warranties, major repairs that were done, and paperwork on the purchase of the boat.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Last but not least, ask about the payment method that the seller accepts. If you plan on paying for the boat in installments, you need to check if the seller accepts that payment method. Knowing the acceptable payment method will keep you from going through the motions of surveying a boat only for the seller to turn you down because they don’t accept your preferred payment method.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – 3 Main Types of Marine Survey

Marine surveys are an important part of the boat buying process. They help you understand the condition the target boat is in and its fair market value. But what does a typically marine survey entail? Do you need the services of a marine surveyor Estero trusts? In this post, we will be looking at the three main types of surveys and why you need an experienced boat surveyor.

Pre-purchase survey

This is also referred to as a Full Condition Survey or a Buyer’s Report. Prospective buyers do this type of survey before buying a boat. While there are no requirements for having a pre-purchase boat survey done, doing it when buying a used boat will save you from headaches. In addition, the survey helps you know what you are buying and what the insurance company may ask for. This is the most comprehensive type of boat survey. It must, therefore, be done by an experienced marine surveyor Estero recommends. The surveyor you hire should have experience surveying boats similar to the one you are targeting.

In addition to inspecting the vessel’s structural integrity, the surveyor may recommend getting the boat out of the water to inspect the bottom of the hull. The surveyor will also encourage you to make plans for a sea trial.

Condition survey

This type of survey is not as comprehensive as a pre-purchase survey. It can be done for several reasons. A boat owner may request a surveyor to perform a condition survey to understand the maintenance needs of a vessel or identify faults. Financial lenders and insurance companies may also require a condition survey report to get an accurate market and replacement value of the vessel and its overall condition. In most cases, your insurer or financial lender may provide you with a list of items to be surveyed in a condition survey.

Damage survey

As you may have guessed, this type of survey is requested after your boat has been involved in an accident. Your insurer mostly requests a damage survey. In this case, the insurance company will send their surveyor and foot the cost. A damage survey aims to determine the extent of damage to a boat and estimate repair costs. The report lists all the work that must be done to restore the boat.

The three are the main types of marine surveys you will need. Make sure you work with an experienced marine surveyor in Estero. You don’t want a mediocre survey report, do you?

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Marine Surveyor Estero – Understanding a Pre-Purchase Survey

Many prospective boat buyers ask whether they need a pre-purchase survey. The answer is yes. Hiring a marine surveyor Estero trusts to perform a boat survey is a worthwhile investment. You should hire a surveyor even when buying used boats in good working condition. The purpose of a survey is to give you a better understanding of the vessel you are buying. It helps avoid buying a boat that will cost a lot of money in repairs or one that is doomed. Understanding the process of a survey is important. Here is what you should know.

What is in a survey report?

A marine surveyor Estero trusts will thoroughly check the vessel from the bottom up. Surveyors inspect a vessel using official guidelines such as the Code of Federal Regulations. This regulation covers the minimum requirements for the engine, safety equipment, electrical systems, fuel system, navigation lights, and waste systems. If the vessel is less than 24 meters long, it will be surveyed using The Marine and Coastguard Agency’s Code of Compliance.

The job of a boat surveyor is to identify the areas that are unsafe or need immediate repairs. Surveyors never give a personal opinion on whether to buy the boat or not. Instead, they simply compile a detailed and factual report which informs your decision. The report includes a comprehensive description of the boat, its systems, findings of the surveyor, the overall condition of the boat, and the fair market value of the vessel. Photos of the surveyor’s findings will also be included.

The process

The first point you must understand about working with a marine surveyor is that they never take components apart to look inside. Their work is only to observe, listen and report. If they feel a closer examination is needed, they will recommend you bring in a mechanic or an electrician.

The marine survey process is pretty straightforward. The survey typically lasts a full day though it might take longer if the boat is larger. You will get a survey report within a couple of days. You must pick a surveyor with care and be patient to avoid rushing the process. You have to liaise with the seller or broker to facilitate the survey as well as make arrangements for taking the vessel out of water.

Sea trials

To better understand the vessel, a surveyor may insist on a sea trial. Unfortunately, sea trials are not included as standards in pre-purchase surveys. They can, however, be arranged for an extra fee. A sea trial helps get a better feel of the vessel and helps the surveyor to look at how the engine runs. Don’t bring more than three friends on the day of the sea trial.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Boat

Buying a boat is a major purchase and is not something that should ever be rushed into. Boat owners have a lot to say on what to do and what not to do when buying a boat. To get unbiased information on the boat buying process, the person you should speak to is a marine surveyor Estero stands behind. This is an expert involved in the inspection of boats. Their input will help you determine if the investment you are about to make is a good one or not. In addition to that, there are three mistakes you must never make.

Buying a brand new boat as your first boat

If you are new to boating and you have the money, it can make sense to go for a brand new boat. The truth boating has a steep learning curve. Rarely do boaters get it right 100% the first time. As your experience grows, you will be compelled to upgrade to a better boat. The reason going for brand new is not the best choice is because brand new boats cost more. They also cost more to repair and maintain than old boats. Going for a used boat helps you save money and helps you explore more knowing in case you end up wrecking the boat, you will not lose a lot. However, before you buy a used boat, make sure you hire a marine surveyor Estero approves, for a thorough inspection. You don’t want to buy a boat that is too damaged. 

Working with the wrong surveyor

While working with a boat surveyor is a great idea when targeting a used boat, you should not hire just any surveyor. If you hire an inexperienced surveyor, you will get an incomprehensive survey report. The report will not include major issues. At the end of the day, you may end up paying a hefty price for hiring the wrong surveyor. For the purposes of insurance, your insurer will require that you work with a surveyor with a certain level of experience and certification. Make sure you find someone that will be approved by your insurer.

Assuming the best place to buy a boat is at the boat show

Last but not least, the best place to buy a used boat is not always the boat show. While these are great places to browse the latest models of boats, you will not get the best prices in boat shows. Prior to purchasing a boat in a boat show, consider looking at other similar boats. There are so many boats that are on sale at any given time. You stand a chance of striking the best bargain when you approach individual sellers. Always make sure you involve a marine surveyor in Estero before making the final decision on a boat.

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What Does a Marine Surveyor Estero Focus on Below Deck?

So many questions come to mind after hiring a marine surveyor Estero. Some of those questions revolve around what will the surveyor look at. While the best way to get answers to these questions is to ask the surveyor, there is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing what the surveyor will be looking for. With so many things required to be looked at, in this post we will be looking at what is inspected below deck. Let’s get started.


The first stop is the bilge. This is the area on the hull where the bottom curves to connect with the vertical sides. The surveyor will check for water leakage. The marine surveyor Estero will also look at the keel bolts, and inspect the condition of the hose and bilge pump. Any visible cracking or deformation will be put in the survey report.

Keel bolts

If you are buying a used boat, the surveyor will want to know when the keel bolts were last checked. They will check to see if the boat has an iron or lead keel. Are the bolts cast in place or are they thru-bolted? Keel bolts are not usually replaced. It is, however, a great idea to check their condition at least once every 10 years. If a replacement is needed, the boat surveyor will let you know. While there is nothing you can do during the survey, you can use the condition of the keel bolts to bargain with the seller.

Water staining

The vessel has to be checked for water stains. This is more so when it comes to the underside of the chain-plate connections, windows and hatches. Water stains indicate that there are leaks and if they are not fixed they may end up causing major problems to your vessel.

Rust and corrosion

The surveyor will go below the deck to check for rust and corrosion. These are a major concern. If the rust is too much, the structure of your vessel may be compromised. 


The boat surveyor will operate every thru-hull to ensure they work. The surveyor will also check for corrosion and look at the hose connections. The thru-hull hose connection must have 2 gear clamps.


The connection between the bulkheads and the deck/hull has to be looked at. If it is out of place, there is a chance the vessel was involved in a major collision or has other major deformations.


The underside of the chain plates will be inspected for signs of corrosion or water intrusion. Issues with the chain plate are usually a big deal. The surveyor will recommend immediate repairs.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – How to Make the Experience of a Marine Survey Better

When it is time to buy a used boat, the first thing you must do is make sure you get the boat thoroughly evaluated. That is the only way you will avoid investing in a doomed vessel. But how do you ensure you have a great experience? In this post, we will be looking at the key things you must do to ensure you and your marine surveyor Estero gets the best experience.

Do your research

There is nothing better than knowing what will be done during a marine survey. That is the only way you will be able to remain relaxed throughout the process. Start by knowing the qualifies of a great marine surveyor Estero and the services they should offer. You also need to know how a survey is done, what your role will be and how long it will take. This knowledge will help you remain at ease throughout the survey.

It is not all about the cost

The worst mistake you can make is hiring a boat surveyor based on their service cost alone. What you need to remember is that just because a surveyor charges premium fees does not mean his work will be impeccable. While it is important to know what the cost of the survey will be, you need to evaluate the competence of a surveyor further. Start by looking at their experience, track record and what recent clients are saying about them. If you need a survey done to satisfy insurance providers, you want to be certain that the surveyor will be approved by your preferred insurance company.

Understand that the surveyor only works for you

When you hire a marine surveyor, it is important to note that you will be the one paying their bill. You, therefore, need to understand what their fees cover and what the report will entail. The surveyor will only share his findings with you. This is unless you direct him to share the information with other individuals. You must also keep in mind that the survey report is only good for a specific period of time. The survey report is only a snapshot of the boat’s condition at the time the survey is done. Don’t rely on old surveys.

Get the boat ready

Last but not least, to speed up the survey, you need to make sure the boat is prepared. Start by ensuring the boat can be accessed easily by the marine surveyor. You need to declutter it and ensure the surveyor will have access to every area on the boat. You don’t need to remove everything from the boat but the surveyor will really appreciate reasonable access.

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Marine Surveyor Estero – Frequently Asked Questions on Marine Surveys

Are you in the market for a used boat or do you need more information about your boat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, what you need is the services of a marine surveyor Estero. It is the job of the surveyor to perform a thorough inspection of a boat and compile a survey report. The report is what tells you everything you need to know about a boat based on the type of survey you requested. In this post, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about boat surveys.

What is a marine survey?

A boat survey is a detailed inspection of a boat to determine its condition and seaworthiness. The most common type of survey is a condition and value survey. Marine surveys are what helps an insurance company identify issues that can lead to an imminent claim. It also helps you understand the actual condition of a boat and its fair market value. Considering how important a survey is, you need to work with a dependable marine surveyor Estero.

What makes a marine survey so important?

When buying a used boat, the last thing you want is to invest in a doomed boat. Most issues are usually hidden. Only a trained expert will be able to identify these issues. Working with a surveyor will help determine if the boat you are considering meets the safety criteria and that it is valued properly. You will also not be able to secure financing or insurance if you don’t get a marine survey.

Marine surveys can be requested by a boat owner who wants to know the condition of their boat, buyers who are considering a used boat or insurance, and financial institutions. It is crucial to get an independent boat survey done in order to determine if you are carrying the right amount of insurance coverage.

What will a surveyor do?

When you hire a marine surveyor, his job will not be taking components apart. The surveyor will listen and observe then compile a report based on his findings. At times the surveyor will use advanced equipment such as infrared equipment and moisture meters. If the surveyor suspects there is a serious issue, he will recommend that you work with a mechanic or electrician to get to the root of things.

What is the validity of a boat survey?

A boat survey is a snapshot of the condition of a boat at the time the survey is done. While the boat owner might have done a survey a couple of months ago, a lot can change. That is why you should always request an independent survey to understand the current condition of your boat.

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