Marine Surveyors Naples Fl – What Does Boat Survey Usually Cover?

While there are many marine surveyors Naples Fl you can work with, not all of them offer the services you need. That is why considering the experience, reputation and type of service a surveyor offers is very important before hiring. Second, you need to understand what the survey will involve in order to be relaxed as the surveyor does his or her work. Here are the common areas that are inspected in a survey.


In most cases, a boat survey usually starts with the inspection of the hull. This includes looking at the underwater, topsides and deck conditions. The marine surveyors Naples Fl will pay attention to the frame or matrix arrangement as well as the condition of the hull-to-keel joint. The focus here is identifying damage to the hull and determine if repairs will be enough.


When it comes to used boats, rudder blades are a common problem. This is more so if the vessel is more than 20 years old. These blades can absorb moisture which leads to structural problems. The boat surveyor will perform basic inspections to confirm the condition of the rudder blades. The test may involve tapping the blades with a ball pein hammer or using a moisture meter.


The condition of the engine has to be reviewed in a pre-purchase survey. The whole purpose of a sea trial is to see how the engine holds up. At times, the survey may plug-in software to diagnose the condition of the engine. The surveyor will provide you with a list of faults after plugging the engine into the diagnostic computer. Keep in mind that most of the problems that can be detected by the diagnostic computer are harder to notice during a sea trial. The survey will also comment on oil leaks, condition of the engine beds, fuel tankage, engine mounts, fuel lines, filters, drive belts, cooling systems and exhaust systems. All the findings will be included in the survey report.

If the surveyor feels there are more serious engine issues that need a closer look before compiling a report, you may be required to work with a mechanic or electrician. The surveyor will only complete the report after getting feedback from any of these specialists. 


A pre-purchase survey is not complete until all the onboard systems are tested. Therefore, as you get ready for a survey, you need to make sure that the batteries are well charged in order to power all onboard systems. The surveyor will comment on the navigation lights, bilge pumps, water systems, water pumps, shower pump outs and more. Diesel heaters will also be inspected.

Other areas that may be inspected include the rigging and safety equipment. Always keep in mind that how thorough a survey is will depend on the surveyor you hire.

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