Boat Surveyor Fort Lauderdale – Guide for Buying a Boat from a Private Party

Thousands of used boats change hands every year. The market is thriving because used boats offer the cheapest way of becoming a boat owner. However, this does not me you go into it blindly. In addition to retaining the services of a boat surveyor Fort Myers trusts, there are many things you must do when buying a boat from a private party.

See the boat in person

While this point might seem obvious, many people skip to bargaining long before they have a chance to see what they are buying. This is more so when the ad is posted online. You must never trust everything the boat owner tells you. More often than not, sellers will only stress the good and ignore the bad altogether. Seeing the boat in person helps you determine if it is what you want and gives you a chance to assess it personally before spending money on a boat surveyor Fort Lauderdale recommends. Boats are listed in many places, including the local newspapers. Make sure you get the seller’s contact information and make arrangements to see the boat before doing anything else.

Get a thorough inspection

Most boat owners will work on the aesthetics when getting ready to sell. They will fix up minor damages and cover up the serious ones. At first sight, a damaged boat can seem like a good investment. However, it takes a trained and experienced eye to spot major problems. That is why you should bring in a marine surveyor in Fort Myers. Always select your surveyor and not the one recommended by the seller.

Marine surveyors can spot major problems that a vessel might have. They will also help with valuation and check the paperwork. The input of a surveyor can give you the points you need to negotiate a better deal with the seller. A surveyor will also keep you from making a bad investment.

Sea trial

Although not all boat surveys involve a sea trial, if the vessel you are buying is in good sailing condition, you need to test how it runs. Having your surveyor on board will be great because the sea trial will help spot additional issues that may not have been determined any other way. Make sure you ask questions during the sea trial to know how everything works. Make sure everything is tested.

Draw up a purchase agreement

Just because you are buying a boat from a friend does not mean you trust them blindly. In addition to getting an inspection done by an experienced surveyor of your choosing, you have to draw up a purchase agreement. The agreement should list everything you have agreed with the seller. There are templates available online. Having an agreement signed by both parties gives you leverage in case there is any disagreement in the future. 

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