What are the Key Duties of a Marine Surveyor Fort Myers?

An experienced marine surveyor Fort Myers can inspect all types of ships from the yachts to tankers that are more than 200 meters long. If you are planning on hiring a boat surveyor, it is good to start by understanding their key duties. Here are the key responsibilities that surveyors should fulfil once they are hired.

Boat Surveys

The main duty of a boat surveyor Fort Myers is to conduct a thorough and extensive survey of a boat. Before a new or used boat is delivered, a surveyor is required to analyze the entire vessel to determine its initial seaworthiness. This information is mostly needed in maritime insurance and arbitration. The information also lets the new owner know the exact condition of the vessel they are receiving.

Throughout the life of a vessel, several surveys are usually carries out for various reasons. You can hire a surveyor for annual surveys to evaluate the condition of the vessel on a yearly basis or ask for interim surveys which inspect specific parts of the vessel. If registration or any other formality is needed, a surveyor can be hired to perform special surveys.

Ensure Machinery and Equipment are in Good Condition

Another key responsibility of a marine surveyor Fort Myers is to make sure all the equipment and machinery are working as they should. This includes all the essential components like communications, navigation and engines. The safety and emergency equipment must also be checked in realistic operating conditions. The surveyor has to witness the testing of all components and generate a report.

It is also the job of the surveyor to ascertain the load limits and regulations that have been set for a boat. The surveyor cross-checks the deadweight tonnage and gross tonnage against the vales listed in the stability handbook. This information is essential because it helps know if a boat has been overloaded.

Investigate Maritime Accidents

Accidents are inevitable. When a vessel is involved in an accident, a boat surveyor Fort Myers can be hired to determine the extent of the damage. To do this, the surveyor consults reports of the vessel before the accident. The surveyor is also required to investigate the occurrence of the accident. In most cases, the surveyor is hired to investigate an accident when a boat owner is claiming marine insurance.

Evaluation of Maritime Assets

A surveyor can be hired to provide a fair and unbiased evaluation of a maritime asset. This is important during a sale. The report helps the owner know how much the boat is worth and helps a buyer understand the exact condition of the boat at the time of sale.

There are so many reasons why you might want to hire a marine surveyor Fort Myers. It is always good to stick with surveyors who have been in business the longest. The surveyor must also have a great reputation.

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