Types of Surveys Performed by a Marine Surveyor Naples

Hiring a marine surveyor Naples is the first thing you should do if you plan on buying a boat, need an appraisal or need help assessing the extent of damage to your boat. Marine surveyors have vast experience in shipping and its regulation and will offer advice and independent boat surveys. There are several types of surveys you can request from a marine surveyor.

Purchase Survey

This is the survey needed when thinking about buying a boat. A boat surveyor Naples offers a comprehensive “Condition and Valuation” survey that may include testing the systems and equipment on the boat and a sea trial. The surveyor inspects the vessel both in and out of water. The primary objective is to offer potential buyers with the information needed to make a more educated purchase decision. This type of survey may also be used to satisfy bank loan and insurance company requirements. The main goal of a purchase survey is to know the current market value of the boat and if it is a good investment.

Limited Condition and Valuation Marine Survey

The purpose of this survey is basically to satisfy insurance requirements. The insurance Condition and Valuation survey can be performed with the boat afloat or ashore. How the survey is conducted will depend on the requirements of the insurance carrier. The survey in most cases does not require sea trials or the testing of systems and equipment. It is, however, good to note that every insurance company has its own set of requirements on what needs to be looked at in a survey. In most cases, the marine surveyor Naples performing the survey will be hired by the insurance company. It is also good to note that the information in the insurance Condition and Valuation report is not enough to make an informed decision on the purchase of the boat.

Appraisal Surveys

These surveys are conducted for the purposes of financing, divorce and estate settlements as well as boat donations. A marine surveyor recognized by the IRS, banks, courts or insurance companies are brought in to assist with the appraisal.  

Damage Surveys

Was your boat involved in an accident? You can hire a boat surveyor Naples to perform a damage survey for the insurance companies, yourself or other vested entities. The survey determines the nature, cause as well as extent of the damage to the boat. More often than not, these surveyors work closely with salvage and tow boat operators when a need arises. The surveyor may also work with a repair shop and boatyards to determine the actual cost of repairs.

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