Marine Surveyor Naples – 5 Things You Should Do in a Marine Survey

Most people in the boating community are familiar with marine surveys and the importance of working with a competent marine surveyor Naples. If you are not up to speed, it is important that you brush up on the important points to avoid surprises. In this post we shall be taking a quick look at the most important things you must do when getting a boat survey.

Hire the right surveyor

Not every person that claims to be a competent boat surveyor Naples will do a good job. That is why when hiring you need to focus first on the experience that the surveyor has. If they have a negative reputation, there is a good chance they are not the best experts for the job. It is also good to ask for their credentials and sample surveys that they have done on boats similar to the one you are interested in. You should also not forget to ask for references.

Don’t rush the process

The worst mistake you can make when working with a boat surveyor is trying to rush the process. The majority of boat surveys are conducted outside. This means bad weather can lead to delays. The boat may also need to be moved for a sea-trial. There are so many things that can cause delays. The important thing is to ask the boat surveyor for a timeframe and give him the elbow room he needs.

Several professionals may be involved

Most people assume that a boat survey will only involve the marine surveyor Naples. This is not always the case. An inspection may involve several people including the boat’s owner, the broker, the buyer, the buyer’s family members and even friends. It is not easy to juggle the schedule of everyone involved. As a result, the scheduling variables can cause delays.

Be ready for the inspections

During a survey, it is important for the boat’s owner or someone familiar with the vessel to be onboard to guide the surveyor around the boat. The owner or the owner’s representative is the one that should remove all the panels and give access to all the areas that need to be inspected. Before the boat surveyor arrives you need to make sure that you or someone else is around to show him around.

Don’t miss the inspection

If you are getting an inspection so as to make a decision to purchase the boat, it is important that you show up. That way the boat surveyor Naples will be able to show you the problem areas and make recommendations on the spot. You should, however, not bring your whole crew. The surveyor needs space to work. If you have to bring a few friends, keep the group as small as possible.

Getting a boat survey can be swift if you hire the right surveyor. You need to find someone with lots of experience surveying boats similar to the one you are interested in.

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