What are the Duties of a Marine Surveyor Naples?

A marine surveyor Naples can inspect virtually all types of ships; right from the pleasure yachts that are under 20 meters to tankers that measure more than 200 meters. Their primary duty is to ensure the vessel is functioning properly. There are other responsibilities that a surveyor has. Here are the main duties ones.

Evaluation of Maritime Assets

The main duty of a boat surveyor Naples is to give a fair and unbiased evaluation of a maritime asset. When buying a boat, you definitely want to be certain the boat is in good condition or doesn’t have more problems than the ones disclosed by the original owner. The job of the surveyor is to give you a thorough review of the boat to help understand the exact condition it is in.

If you wish to sell your boat, a marine surveyor can provide you with a realistic figure for the market value: Fair Market Value. The figure given is based on the unbiased analysis performed by the surveyor. The case is the same when buying a boat. An independent surveyor can help you know if the quoted price is fair. A boat surveyor can further help determine the cost of component replacements. This helps determine how much you will need to spend to get the vessel in a working condition.

Ensure the Machinery and Equipment Are Functioning as Required

Another responsibility of the marine surveyor Naples is to make sure the equipment and machinery are functioning as required. This will include essential components like engines, navigation and communication components. Emergency and safety equipment have to be checked under realistic operating conditions. The surveyor has to witness these tests and ascertain the generated report falls within acceptable standards.

Ascertain Load Regulations and Limits

Gross tonnage and deadweight tonnage has to be cross-checked with the values that are stored in the stability handbook of the vessel. It is also required to check draft marketers and load lines. The surveyor helps in load line assignments as well as checks weight distribution.

Investigate Maritime Accidents

Last but not least, a boat surveyor Naples can be tasked with the investigation of maritime accidents. This may be on behalf of a boat owner or an insurance organization. When it comes to an insurance claim, the surveyor has to ascertain the condition of the boat before the accident.

Marine surveyors play a very important role to both boat owners and insurance companies. Regardless of what you need him or her for, it is always wise to make sure the surveyor has the experience and qualification to perform the survey. Don’t just hire a boat surveyor Naples for the sake of hiring one. Hire a surveyor because of their qualifications.

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