How to Vet a Marine Surveyor Cape Coral

Hiring an experienced marine surveyor Cape Coral is the first thing you must do when purchasing a new or pre-owned boat. This is for the simple fact that you only have one opportunity to identify as many flaws and faults in the vessel as possible before you commit to buying it. A thorough survey is the key to guaranteeing you are investing in a vessel that is worth buying and worth the asking price.

Choosing the wrong boat surveyor Cape Coral may land you in problems. This is more so if the surveyor misses critical defects and flaws. But how do you ensure the surveyor you are about to hire is reliable? There are a number of things you can do when vetting a marine surveyor.

Word of mouth

The first thing you need to do is listen to what boat owners are saying. You can start by speaking with friends who have hired a boat surveyor before. What was their experience with the surveyor they hired? If they were completely satisfied with the service rendered, feel free to ask for the contact information of the surveyor.

Second, you need to search the internet for reviews on the surveyor. For starters, a good surveyor will have a website. Go through their website and pay attention to the reviews and testimonials. Next you need to get independent reviews by making use of the online forums. Reach out to boat owners who have had their boats surveyed and ask about their experience and the surveyor they used. If you have a surveyor in mind, ask people’s experience with them. Needless to say, too many negative reviews are a red flag.

Local boat manager

You should also reach out to the local boat yard manager. These managers’ wok with numerous surveyors and are experienced in reading surveys. There is a good chance your local boat yard manager knows a thing or two about the marine surveyor Cape Coral that you are thinking about hiring. All in all, it is good to always remember that any source of recommendation may be biased or flawed. Don’t take anybody’s recommendation as gospel. Take time to do your own research.

Insurance broker/underwriter

Insurance companies normally have vested interest in seeing you get a thorough boat survey. They never want to take on bad risks when insuring you. As a result, they have a number of reliable boat surveyors they work with. They will also be happy to warn you if you are making a bad choice of surveyor.

If you already found a dependable boat surveyor Cape Coral, contact your insurer and ask if they have special requirements for the surveys or special credentials a surveyor must have. You don’t want to spend money on a survey only for it to be kicked out, do you?

When hiring a boat surveyor, it is always wise to use your intuition and pay close attention to the credentials of the boat surveyor. Check if the surveyor has any professional membership. Only hire someone you feel comfortable working with.

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