Marine Surveyor Estero – Different Types of Marine Surveys

If you own a boat or plan on buying one, you will at one point need the services of a marine surveyor Estero. A marine survey can be conducted for a number of reasons. While it is possible to do your own survey, there are situations that require you to work with a professional. This is more so when it comes to resale or insurance. Here are some basic types of marine surveys.

Condition and Value Survey

This is the most comprehensive survey. It is meant to provide a client with an informed, professional opinion of a boat’s condition as well as its fair market value. The survey includes in-depth visual inspection of the boat’s safety equipment, structural integrity, and other miscellaneous onboard systems. The boat surveyor Estero will also take a look at the out-of-water hull inspection as well as a test run. A detailed report will then be provided.

Insurance Survey

The purpose of an insurance survey is to help underwriters determine the condition and insurability of the vessel. This survey is required for initial policy issuance and/or renewal. The focus here is structural integrity, safety and inspection of the systems’ installations as per the ABYC and NFPA guidelines. The safety gear has to be checked and noted for compliance with the federal requirements. Pertinent identification information is also recorded for reference, claims adjustment and valuation.

Appraisal Inspection

This survey is meant to determine the boat’s fair market value. An appraisal inspection may be required in instances like financing, donations, legal cases and financing. The focus of the marine surveyor Estero is to provide his impression of the boat’s condition. The survey here is less in-depth. The report only includes basic information about the vessel, general comments on the condition and the estimated fair market value.

Damage Survey

In the event of an accident involving your boat, a marine surveyor can be brought on to assess the extent of the damages. Damage survey may also be requested when you want to know about the recommended repairs, estimating the cost of repairs and when determining the cause of the damage/accident. When filing a claim, it is good to note that the marine surveyor assigned by the underwriter works for the insurance company’s interests. You have the right to hire your own boat surveyor Estero.

Bearing in mind marine surveyors are not regulated or licensed by any government agency, it is imperative that you conduct a thorough research on a marine surveyor before hiring. Sample survey reports, reputation, experience and recommendations will help you know if you are about to hire the right marine surveyor Estero or not.

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