Are You Buying a Boat? Here is Why You Need a Marine Surveyor Fort Myers

The primary role of a marine surveyor Fort Myers is to perform a comprehensive checkup of a boat. The service they offer is like getting a roadworthy certificate for a motor vehicle. A marine surveyor will identify existing problems, highlight areas of weakness that could turn into future issues and give a detailed picture of the overall health of a vessel. When searching for a boat to buy, you must never allow your heart to take the lead. The purchase of a boat requires research, preparations and planning. This article takes a look at the different surveys offered by boat surveyors.

Condition Survey

A condition survey is an inspection of all the systems on board to ensure they are all functioning properly. The boat surveyor Fort Myers will inspect the structural, rigging, plumbing, electrical systems and the mechanical components. The inspection is done while the vessel is both on and off the water. Surveying off the water helps with the inspection at the bottom of the boat for any gear issues and structural weakness. For mechanical survey, an in-depth look of the engine will be done and oil samples taken for evaluation to better understand the interior conditions of the engine.

Valuation Survey 

A majority of marine insurers require a full survey to be done before they insure a pre-owned vessel. Insurers cannot accurately value a boat without first having it scrutinized. In this case, a marine survey is done to help know if there are any major or minor defects that need to be repaired, how much the repairs will cost and an accurate current market value of the boat.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey tends to be slightly more comprehensive. The survey may require a sea trial to be performed thus allowing the marine surveyor Fort Myers to keenly monitor the vessels system, performance and how the engines are running.

The Final Report

When the survey is completed, a report is generated and sent to you. The report entails details of the current market value for the vessel and the condition it is in. the surveyor may make a list of recommendations and it is important to carefully get the feedback of items that need repairs or attendance.

Why You Need a Marine Survey

Buying a boat, even the smallest vessel, is a big deal. Just like buying a house, you wouldn’t invest without a thorough inspection, would you? The same applies to boats. You want to make sure you are making a sound investment. A boat surveyor Fort Myers will also help with the insurance since most marine insurance companies require a C&V survey or a pre-purchase survey as part of the quoting process.

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