Marine Surveyor Estero – 3 Main Types of Marine Survey

Marine surveys are an important part of the boat buying process. They help you understand the condition the target boat is in and its fair market value. But what does a typically marine survey entail? Do you need the services of a marine surveyor Estero trusts? In this post, we will be looking at the three main types of surveys and why you need an experienced boat surveyor.

Pre-purchase survey

This is also referred to as a Full Condition Survey or a Buyer’s Report. Prospective buyers do this type of survey before buying a boat. While there are no requirements for having a pre-purchase boat survey done, doing it when buying a used boat will save you from headaches. In addition, the survey helps you know what you are buying and what the insurance company may ask for. This is the most comprehensive type of boat survey. It must, therefore, be done by an experienced marine surveyor Estero recommends. The surveyor you hire should have experience surveying boats similar to the one you are targeting.

In addition to inspecting the vessel’s structural integrity, the surveyor may recommend getting the boat out of the water to inspect the bottom of the hull. The surveyor will also encourage you to make plans for a sea trial.

Condition survey

This type of survey is not as comprehensive as a pre-purchase survey. It can be done for several reasons. A boat owner may request a surveyor to perform a condition survey to understand the maintenance needs of a vessel or identify faults. Financial lenders and insurance companies may also require a condition survey report to get an accurate market and replacement value of the vessel and its overall condition. In most cases, your insurer or financial lender may provide you with a list of items to be surveyed in a condition survey.

Damage survey

As you may have guessed, this type of survey is requested after your boat has been involved in an accident. Your insurer mostly requests a damage survey. In this case, the insurance company will send their surveyor and foot the cost. A damage survey aims to determine the extent of damage to a boat and estimate repair costs. The report lists all the work that must be done to restore the boat.

The three are the main types of marine surveys you will need. Make sure you work with an experienced marine surveyor in Estero. You don’t want a mediocre survey report, do you?

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