Marine Surveyor Estero – Questions to Ask a Boat Seller

Working with an experienced marine surveyor Esterotrusts is the key to avoiding disappointment when buying a used boat. This is because the surveyor will help you know how much the boat is really worth, possible issues it has or issues you can expect in the near future, missing equipment, and so on. However, even with the input of a boat surveyor, you have a part to play. Part of your role is to ask the seller the right questions. Here are the questions you should be prepared to ask.

What condition is the boat in? Is there anything that needs to be replaced?

The ad listing and amazing photos of the boat might sweep you off your feet. This does not, however, mean that the boat has no problems. The first two questions you must ask are what condition the boat is in and if it has anything that needs to be replaced. It is good to ask this because the seller will not allow you to perform a marine survey until you show commitment. Asking these questions further helps you understand if the boat will be a project boat or not. It is obvious that sellers will not be as honest about the condition of the boat. They may conceal some problems so as not to scare you off. Once the negotiations start, make sure you hire your own marine surveyor Estero trusts to perform a thorough inspection on the boat. The inspection will give you a clear idea on the exact condition of the boat. Never take the seller’s word for it.

Was the boat used in salt or fresh water?

This is yet another important question you must ask. Boats that were used in salt water have more rust problems than those used on fresh water. If you plan on using the boat on salt water, you also want to make sure the boat can withstand salt water. Knowing where a boat has been used will help you know what to focus on during an inspection.

Are you the original owner?

As a buyer, you want to get a complete history of the boat. A good seller will provide you with all the ownership paperwork. This may include warranties, major repairs that were done, and paperwork on the purchase of the boat.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Last but not least, ask about the payment method that the seller accepts. If you plan on paying for the boat in installments, you need to check if the seller accepts that payment method. Knowing the acceptable payment method will keep you from going through the motions of surveying a boat only for the seller to turn you down because they don’t accept your preferred payment method.

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