Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – What is Involved in a Pre-Purchase Survey

Getting a survey performed on a boat is not only prudent but also required by lenders and most insurance companies. This is more so when buying an older boat. The important point to remember when choosing a boat surveyor Fort Myers is there is no accreditation that is needed to become a surveyor. Anyone with a little knowledge of boats can print business cards and claim to be a qualified marine surveyor. To ensure the surveyor you hire is truly knowledgeable, you need to ask around about him and take a look at his track record. It is only with a competent marine surveyor in Fort Myers that you will get the most comprehensive boat survey report.

As you get ready for a pre-purchase survey, it is good that you understand what is involved. That way you will not second guess the actions of the boat surveyor Fort Myers. Here are the three key things that take place.


After finding your dream boat and making the necessary arrangements with the seller, your marine surveyor will provide you with a complete checklist of everything that will be covered. The surveyor may start by learning about the history of the boat. This includes finding out how many previous owners there have been. The surveyor will also find out where the boat spent most of its life, the sort of bottom paint it has and any construction details. Documentations will also be checked to ensure everything is in order. After this, the real inspection starts.

Scrutiny of structural and support systems

A pre-purchase survey involves thorough scrutiny of all the structural and support systems onboard. The surveyor will ensure everything functions properly. The hull-to-deck joints will be examined and signs of corrosion or damage will be noted. If there is a problem that cannot be verified without taking components apart, the surveyor will request that you bring in a mechanic or electrician for a closer look. To confirm that everything is working properly, a sea trial will be done.

Hauling the boat

For a complete boat survey, the vessel needs to be hauled. Doing so gives the surveyor a chance to check out the underbody. The surveyor mostly looks for blisters and other problems. The thru-hulls will also be examined for corrosion and hairline cracks. The shaft, propeller and cutlass bearing will also be examined. The distance from the waterline to the bottom of the keel will be measured if you are worried about being stuck in the mud.

A full pre-purchase survey typically takes a whole day. You will be provided with a survey report a few days after the inspection. 

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