How to Vet a Boat Surveyor Fort Myers

With so many marine surveyors working in Florida, one of the most difficult and critical components when buying a used boat is vetting a boat surveyor Fort Myers. The wrong surveyor will give you poor, incomplete surveys that miss critical defects and flaws. It is your job to make sure you find the best surveyor from whom you will get a thorough and painlessly survey. But how do you do that? Here are some important things you must do when vetting a surveyor.

Word of mouth

The best source of information about a boat surveyor Fort Myers is people who have worked with a surveyor before. This includes family, friends and other boat owners. Boat owners’ groups and web forums will also be a great source of information. By reaching out to people who have worked with surveyors, you will be able to find the complaints clients have about a specific surveyor. The respondents will also share tips that will help narrow down your list of potential marine surveyors. The important rule is to not rely on recommendations from one respondent. People can be biased. However, if several people recommend the same surveyor, that is a good sign. 

Local boat yard manager

Boatyard managers work with all manner of boat surveyors. They also read many survey reports in the course of doing their job. Reaching out to a high-volume yard manager will help you find a competent surveyor faster. It is, however, important to remember that any source of recommendation might be biased or flawed. Some surveyors pay people to give positive reviews. As you get recommendations, keep in mind that this will be a case of ‘buyer beware’.

Your insurance underwriter or broker

Insurance providers have vested interests in ensuring you get a thorough survey. They don’t want to take on bad risks. As a result, chances of getting a good recommendation on a surveyor from an insurance underwriter or broker are pretty high. These professionals will also recommend surveyors whose reports they accept. Additionally, even after finding the best surveyor, it is good to contact your insurance company to know if they meet the insurer’s special requirements.

Check credentials

Recommendations will help compile a list of promising surveyors in Fort Myers. The next thing you must do is narrow the list further down. You can do that by looking at the credentials of a surveyor. Does the surveyor have any professional memberships? Keep in mind that membership in an organization is not a prerequisite and doesn’t guarantee competency. Take note of the surveyor’s experience, and the types of vessels he/she surveys.

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