Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – 5 Crucial Things a Marine Surveyor Wants You to Know

Retaining the services of a boat surveyor Fort Myers is without a doubt the best decision you can make before buying a boat. This is for the simple fact that this purchase is often as significant as buying a home. Getting a boat valuation before purchasing ensures that you are making the most informed choice. It is also good to note that a boat survey may be a requirement when you need financing or insurance on your vessel. In this post we shall look at a few tips you should know about working with a marine surveyor.

Know the Charges

The first thing you should do is know how much a marine surveyor Fort Myers charges for their services. You will want to choose a surveyor that will do an accurate survey for a reasonable price. Always make sure the price is agreed prior to the day of the inspection. That way you will be able to avoid surprises once the work is done.

Surveyors work for you

When getting a boat surveyed, it is very important to know that the surveyor reports and works only for you. He must under no circumstances share any reports or findings with anyone without your authorization. You also need to keep in mind that old surveys are unreliable for they tend to have old information that does not reflect the boats current condition. You need to get a new survey to better understand the vessel.

Prepare the boat

You need to make work easier for the boat surveyor Fort Myers before work starts. That way you will make work easier for him and save time. Start by making sure you have emptied out lockers, sails bag and boxes of spare parts before the surveyor comes in. This gives the surveyor access to mechanical parts or machinery and minimize delays during the process. You might as well ask the surveyor what might be needed for the survey to make things much smoother.

Never get in the surveyor’s way

Most surveyors would like for you to be present during the survey. This is because you get to answer any question the surveyor may have without delays as well as discuss new findings. But as convenient as it is for you to be present during the survey, you must give the surveyor room to work. Avoid having unnecessary guests or friends at the sea trial or during the survey. The last thing you want is to slow down the surveyor by hovering too close.

Make good use of your surveyor

Generally, most surveyors tend to appreciate the buyer’s or owner’s understanding of the survey report and are always open for discussions. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions before or after the survey. If it is your first time getting a marine survey, let the surveyor know and they will be able to explain the process to you and keep you at ease.

A lot goes into a marine survey. The rule of thumb is to hire a boat surveyor Fort Myers you have confidence in. You don’t want to work with someone you will keep second-guessing, do you?

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