Marine Surveyor – Tips to Help You Prepare for a Boat Insurance Survey

Every few years, your insurance will require a marine surveyor Estero to perform an in-the-water survey. This survey is also known as ‘condition and valuation’ survey. The purpose of the survey is to ensure the boat is in good condition and not at a high risk to the insurance company. If you are getting ready for a boat insurance survey, there are a couple of things you should do.

Find a competent surveyor

The first step when you want to buy a boat is obviously to find a competent and fair boat surveyor Estero. A bad surveyor may cite insignificant ‘recommendations’ which may have to be corrected before the insurance company renews the insurance cover.

A boat insurance survey evaluates the boat including the hull fittings and plumbing, exhaust, electrical systems, fuel, electronics and the systems installed among other things. You need a boat surveyor that will be thorough.

Make a good first impression

Whether you are working with your own marine surveyor or one sent by your insurance company, you need to make sure that you make a good first impression. The first thing you need to remember is that curb appeal is as important in marine surveys as it is in real estate. Days before the surveyor arrives you need to clean up and make the boat as appealing as it can be. You need to clean anything that may detract from that amazing first impression.

Get extraneous stuff away

The work of a boat surveyor Estero is to observe and listen in order to identify any problems with your boat. For him/her to be able to do this, the surveyor must be able to enjoy easy access to all the areas that need checking. At times you will have to remove things like side kayaks that live on the side rails. You will also need to remove anything that may be restricting access to the panels. Doing so will not only make the work of the marine surveyor easy but also save time.

Make a list of everything you want to insure

At times the surveyor will not specifically ask about the equipment that are aboard. To save time when the surveyor arrives and to ensure nothing is missed, you need to make a list of the important equipment aboard. You may have an extra genoa, storm sails stored, spinnaker or extra anchors. Make a list of these items. 

Mention recent upgrades

Have you made any upgrades to your boat? You need to mention that to the surveyor. You may have added new cockpit enclosures, made last winter’s head replacement, added a new anchor chain or rebuilt windlass.

Planning a head of time for the arrival of a boat surveyor Estero will help smooth things and make work easier. The above points will help you get started in the right direction.

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