Marine Surveyor Naples – What type of surveys do you need?

A marine surveyor Naplesis brought in to perform surveys for many reasons; to identify existing problems, highlight areas of weakness that could turn into future issues and give a generally detailed picture of the overall health of the boat/vessel. Surveyors provide you with a professionally prepared report that can be accepted by your bank and insurance company. This article will guide you through the man types of surveys you may need from a boat surveyor.

Pre-purchase survey

A pre-purchase survey tends to be the most thorough of all types of boat surveys. This inspection is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.  In a pre-purchase survey, the boat surveyor Naples examines the overall condition and performance of the boat. This is done to ensure everything is functioning as required. The surveyor will inspect the structural integrity, the propulsion system, the fuel system, electrical systems, navigation equipment and other machinery both on and off the water. Surveying off the water helps inspect the bottom of the boat for any gear issues and structural weakness.

Insurance survey

A majority of marine insurers require a full survey to be done before they insure a pre-owned vessel. This survey is carried out so the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. You cannot accurately value a boat without first having it scrutinized. The insurance companies are majorly interested in the structural integrity and safety for its intended use. Once the marine survey is done, you will figure out whether there are any major or minor repairs to be made, how much the repairs will cost, and, more accurately, your vessel’s current market value. Insurance companies are interested in the vessel’s fair market value. This is what enables them to insure it accurately.

Appraisal inspection

Appraisal inspections are exactly what they sound like; inspections performed to justify or determine a boat’s fair market value. Usually, this occurs in divorce cases, estate settlement, donations and instances where a lender may require your boat to be appraised before they offer financing. Your marine surveyor Naples will be able to help with an appraisal.

Damage inspection

After an accident, a marine surveyor will be brought in to handle the marine damage survey for you. He will investigate the occurrence and document everything in a report. The marine damage report will include the recommended repairs and cost that will be needed to bring the vessel up to snuff aesthetically and make it safe. Often these are required by insurance companies after an unfortunate incident.

These are the main types of surveys you will need when buying or selling a boat. It is, however, a great idea to always involve an experienced boat surveyor Naples. Not every surveyor out there will give you the results you need. Take time to qualify a surveyor before you hire.

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