Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – How Do You Buy a Classic Boat?

A classic boat is a vessel that was built between 1943 and 1975. These vessels are also referred to as vintage boats. As you may have already guessed, the process of buying a classic boat is not the same as that of buying a modern boat. While there are some similarities such as having to involve a boat surveyor Fort Myerstrusts, there are special considerations you will have to make.

Choose a boat

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of boat you want to buy. Do you need a power or a sailboat? How big of a boat are you looking for? Deciding on a boat to buy is the easy part. The real work starts when finding, evaluating, and buying a boat. Involving a boat surveyor Fort Myers throughout the purchase process will ensure you don’t end up with a doomed vessel.

The project, restored, or replica boat

It is obvious most of the boats that were built more than four decades ago will not all be in perfect condition. This is why you have to decide on whether to buy a project, restored or replica boat. A project boat is not for the faint-hearted or newbies. This is a boat that requires a lot of work to make it seaworthy. The best thing about project boats is that they are inexpensive. Make sure you understand how much money and time it will cost for you to restore the boat.

Restored classic boats are those that have been fixed up and are seaworthy. In most cases, these boats are sold by people who bought project boats, fixed them up, and are selling them as restored boats for a profit. The best thing about these vessels is that they are ready for sailing. The drawback, on the other hand, is they can be very expensive. Always involve a marine surveyor to inspect the condition of the boat.

The third option is that of a replica boat. Just as the name implies, these are not original classic boats. They are modern boats that have been built to mimic the aesthetics and feel of a classic boat. They are built using the same materials of a classic boat but may include modern equipment. The best thing about these vessels is they require less care since they are built using modern materials.

True classic boats are a special breed. There are boat brokers that are dedicated to offering vessels in this category. However, before you buy a true classic boat, you need to bring in a boat surveyor that has experience inspecting classic boats. 

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