Boat Surveyors Fort Myers – Why You Need to Beware of Grimy Engines

Hiring boat surveyors Fort Myers trusts is the most important thing to do when buying a boat. The surveyor will not only help you understand the exact condition of the vessel you are after but also enlighten you on the fair market value and whether the boat is a good fit for your intended use. However, considering it costs money to hire a marine surveyor, you have to be certain that the vessel you are considering is a good candidate before you bring in a surveyor. One way of checking if the boat is worth buying is by taking a look at the engine.

When inspecting a boat, the main area boat surveyors Fort Myers focus on is the engine. The engine is the heart of the boat. If it is faulty, the boat will not perform well. Long before you bring in a surveyor, you need to beware of grimy engines and bilges.

The appearance of a boat’s engine says a lot about the condition of the vessel. This is why you should pay close attention to the outward appearance of the engine. If it is grimy with oil, this may indicate a problem. You also need to take a lot at the exhaust outlet or the heat exchanger. The pan under the engine should also be inspected for oil spills and rust. If the engine is grimy, dirty, or has worn belts, chances are the boat will have more issues than you would want. It may also simply mean that the engine was not cleaned.

You should ask the seller to get the engine cleaned before an inspection. Here are the three reasons why a clean engine is important.

  • Safety. Accumulated oil and fuel spills create toxic sheens, and fumes, as well as flammable conditions. This leads to safety problems. Oil in the bilge will also attract and clump with dirt, dust, hair, and all manner of dirt.
  • Dirt hides secrets. It is obvious that inspecting a dirty engine will be a lot harder even for the most experienced marine surveyor in Fort Myers. This is for the simple fact that dirt will hide problems. It will be harder for the surveyor to spot leaks when the engine is dirty. Getting it cleaned prior to the inspection will save a lot of time as well as guarantee an accurate inspection.
  • Pollution. Even if the engine runs well with all the dirt, it will throw most of the spills into the water thus causing pollution.

The rule of thumb is a clean engine and bilge indicate the boat has been taken good care of. Be careful when buying a boat with an untidy engine.

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