Things a Marine Surveyor Wants You to Know

If you have never hired a marine surveyor Fort Myers before, here are a few things you need to know. For starters, getting a marine survey is very important more so when it comes to applying for insurance or a loan on the boat as collateral. However, if you have never had a boat survey, you may have a couple of things you are wondering about. This post looks at the top things your marine surveyor wants you to know.

Do your own research before the survey

A boat is probably one of the biggest investments you will get to make. As a result, you want to be certain you are making the best decision. While a boat surveyor Fort Myers has looked at hundreds or even thousands of boats in his career, he will not be able to know which boat suits you. That is why it is very important that you look at various models and narrow down on the boat that works for you before engaging a surveyor. When you do this, the role of the surveyor will only be advising you on your selected boat. The last thing any surveyor wants to do is have to tell you which boat is best for you.

It is not always about the cost

Although you need to know what the cost charged by a surveyor will cover, you must never choose a surveyor based solely on price. Some of the surveyors offering the lowest rates will give you poor services and you might end up paying for it much later. You don’t want to work with a surveyor that ends up missing important faults, do you? The surveyor you need to work with is one that has years of experience and has a remarkable track record. This does not, however, mean that you shouldn’t try and negotiate the cost with the surveyor.

The surveyor only works for you

When you hire a marine surveyor Fort Myers, you should always remember that he only works for you. This means everything you discuss will be confidential. If you have a broker working on your behalf, you can ask the surveyor to send a copy of the survey to the agent. You also need to remember that a boat survey is only good for a specific period of time. It is a snapshot of the boat’s condition at the specific day the survey is performed.

Ensure the boat is prepared

Last but not least, when you ask a surveyor to come survey your preferred boat, make sure the surveyor will have easy access to it. You should ensure the boat is de-cluttered so that the surveyor doesn’t have a hard time examining it.

A good boat surveyor Fort Myers will be happy to talk things over with you. If there is something in the survey report that you don’t understand, ask the surveyor about it.

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