Marine Surveyor Fort Myers – What You Should Know About Boat Surveyors

Finding a marine surveyor Fort Myers will come in handy when evaluating a boat. You wouldn’t buy a house or car without having proper valuations done, would you? Well, just like buying a home or a car, purchasing a boat takes the same process but with a few major differences. When buying a new boat, you need to inspect the condition of the used boat so that you get a fair market value. In this post, we shall be taking a quick look at some important points you should understand about boat surveyors.

Services covered by a boat surveyor

Aboat surveyor Fort Myers is a professional certified to conduct inspections, surveys and examine marine vessels. They asses, monitor and report on the general condition of the boat. Boat surveyors schedule a number of surveys including in water surveys, bottom survey, engine surveys and also perform a test drive.  They utilize specials tools such as moisture meters to examine more than just the on/off mechanics of the vessel. They primarily inspect the equipment intended for the new boat to ensure compliance with various specifications and standards.

The most common boat survey is the condition and value survey which is performed when buying a used boat. Here the boat surveyor inspects the entire boat and its propulsion system. During the pre-purchase survey, the inspection of the condition and operation of the boat is important though not a guarantee that the vessel will not develop problems in the future.

The main purpose of an appraisal is to identify a boats approximate value. There are also damage surveys which are carried out in case of accidents, or extreme weather for insurance purposes.

Why you should hire a boat surveyor

Purchasing a boat is a big financial decision. Hiring a skilled and experienced marine surveyor Fort Myers can give you the much deserved peace of mind before proceeding. When searching for a boat surveyor, you should consider whether the surveyors has surveyed similar makes/models to your chosen vessel or not. This guarantees that the surveyor knows what problems similar boats have and how to identify them. You also need to hire a surveyor that operates within your locality. This way if there are legal problems or issues, you can go through your local legal system. Moreover, it’s important for a surveyor to have indemnity insurance just in case he misses something during the survey.

As you can see, hiring a boat surveyor Fort Myers is one of the best decisions you can make when buying a boat. The surveyor will ensure there is no guesswork and guarantee that you make the most informed choice. All in all, you should not just hire the first surveyor that comes your way. Take time to dig deeper into a surveyor’s background and only hire the professional you feel comfortable working with.

Marine Surveyor Fort Myers