Marine Surveyor Fort Myers – What Do You Get from a Good Boat Survey

Buying a boat is a huge investment. This is irrespective of whether you are buying a brand new or a used boat. In most cases, this is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Bearing in mind a lot of money will be spent buying a boat, you want to be certain you are making a good investment. That is where the need to work with an experienced marine surveyor Fort Myerscomes in.

The work of a marine surveyor is to inspect the vessel you plan on buying and document everything that he or she sees and hears. The marine surveyor Fort Myers will then provide you with a written report. This is referred to as a marine survey report.

Survey report

A marine survey is highly technical. It includes several terms or jargon that will be unfamiliar to an average boat owner, bank employee or an insurance underwriter. The main challenge a marine surveyor has is making the marine survey report as clear as possible. The report has to be clear, concise and relay the information required by the customer. It has to be written in a manner that doesn’t require the surveyor to provide a tutorial on every piece of hardware or system on the boat. In addition to the thorough review of the boat, this is one of main advantages of working with a qualified boat surveyor.

Some survey reports are usually written in cryptic database style and others in an easy format. They don’t read as a manufacturer’s brochure or yacht broker’s listing. Regardless of the style used, the survey report will give you a good idea of what the overall condition of a boat is, what needs to be done to make it safe and function. If you have any question about the survey report, you can contact the marine surveyor Fort Myers for clarification.

Use of technology

If you have done some research on boat surveys, you probably know by now that marine surveyors never dismantle components to look inside. They simply observe and listen. If they cannot determine what the issue is with a component by listening and observing, they will recommend you to a mechanic. The good news is that surveyors are now using thermal imaging equipment to look inside components without disassembling them.

Finding the most qualified surveyor is the most important thing you should do when you need a boat survey. It is how competent a surveyor is that determines how comprehensive and dependable the survey will be. Make sure you work only with surveyors who have experience surveying boats that are similar to the one you are considering.

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