Do You need a Survey for Boat Insurance in Estero?

There is no direct answer to the question of do you need a survey for boat insurance. This is because different insurance companies have varying requirements. Some will require a survey to be done irrespective of how old your vessel is while others will only request a boat survey if your boat exceeds a certain age. Whatever the case, it is always good to get answers to this question directly from your insurance company.

In most cases, the answer you will get is a resounding yes when you ask an insurer the question of do you need a survey for boat insurance in Estero. Boat surveys are mainly required when a boat is of a certain length, age, or value. Many insurers will not insure a boat without an insurance survey. However, you will most likely not need a boat survey if your watercraft is brand new.

What is done during a survey?

When an insurance survey is requested, in most cases, the objective of the insurer will be to understand the exact condition of your boat. Has it been involved in an accident before? Which systems are onboard and are they working properly? Are you the real owner? In most cases, the insurance company will provide you with a list of items that have to be inspected. These items have to be included in the survey report. Keep in mind that the surveyor you end up using should be approved by the insurer. The last thing you want is to provide a survey report that will not be accepted.

As the marine surveyor inspects your vessel, they will take note of all potential issues that are on the vessel. They will further present you with a document that contains the list of the current condition and the seaworthiness of the boat as well as its estimated value. This information will be present in a document known as a survey report. Images of the issues may also be included.

The duration of the survey will depend on a number of things including:

  • Size of the vessel
  • Type of survey
  • Age of the vessel
  • Prior preparation
  • Extended testing

A complete insurance survey can take a few hours or a full day. If you wish to speed up the process, make sure you prepare sufficiently for the survey. You also need to contact your insurer to know what they require from you. Keep in mind that you will be the one paying for the survey unless the insurer sends in their own surveyor.

Do You need a Survey for Boat Insurance