Boat Surveyor Naples – Why Do You Need a Marine Survey?

As you may already know, a marine survey is a detailed report that is compiled by a boat surveyor Naples. The surveyor compiles this report after performing a thorough inspection of a vessel. Bearing in mind the marine surveyor will only listen, observe and never dismantle components, it is easy to ask why you need a marine survey. The purpose of this post is to answer that question.

In most cases, a boat surveyor Naples is called in to assess damage to a pleasure craft. This is, however, not the only job they do. In addition to assessing damage, surveyors can be called in to assess any type of vessel including tugs and cargo ships. The objective here ranges from determining the actual value of the boat to how it is loaded and how cargo is carried.

For the most part, a marine surveyor is brought in to ascertain the current condition of a vessel as well as its history. This can be done for the purpose of insurance, financial or purchasing information. The surveyors work is to make sure that the vessel meets all the regulatory requirements.

If you are in the market for a second hand boat or plan on selling your current boat, engaging the services of boat surveyors Naples is highly recommended. The surveyor will inspect the vessel top to bottom, on land and on water. His professional observations will help you understand the exact condition the boat is in. While surveyors will never open up components to inspect their condition, surveyors will recommend you to a mechanic or an electrician if there is an issue that needs a closer inspection.

The inspection performed by a marine surveyor will also help you understand the extent of damage that a boat has. You will also get information on how much repairs/restorations will most likely cost.

Marine surveys refer to a lot of things from the condition of the craft to detailed information about the history of the boat. In many cases, insurance companies will request a survey report before they underwrite a vessel. In this case, you need to find a boat surveyor Naples that is approved by your insurance company. You also want to know the details that the insurer wants to see in the report.

All things considered, a marine survey is meant to help you understand the exact condition of the vessel you are considering. You should always keep in mind that the survey report is only good on the day the survey is performed. Never rely on a report that was done months ago. Get a new survey.

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