Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – Which Boat is Ideal for You?

When looking for a boat to buy, it pays to know the various types of boats that are available. This is because even with the input of the best boat surveyor Fort Myers, the final decision on the right boat to buy rests on you. The boat surveyor cannot dictate the boat to buy. All they can do is make you aware of the condition of the boat you are considering, its fair market value and if it matches your intended purpose.

You will be spoilt for choice when looking at boats for sale. In this post, we will be looking at the most popular boats to help you give an idea on what might be perfect for you. We cannot stress enough how important it is to involve a boat surveyor Fort Myers trusts when evaluating a boat. While it will cost you money to hire a boat surveyor, their input will keep you from making the wrong investment.

Bass boat

Are you interested in fishing but are not as experienced or do you want to do boating and fishing as a part-time activity? If you answered yes, the bass boat might be what you need. This is a small boat that is commonly used in fishing. It is, however, good to note that these types of boats are freshwater boats. They are lake fishing boats.


Is your vision to take your family out on weekends for some bonding time? The bowrider is a perfect choice. This type of boat is a family favorite. The boat has traditional seating in the back as well as extra forward seating in the bow. You should note that it is infamous for its open bow.

Center console

This boat gets its name from the fact that the steering station is located in the middle. The best thing about this setup is you can circle the boat. The boat is preferred by fishing enthusiasts more so those interested in sports fishing.

Cuddy cabin

If you want the perfect balance between sailing, fishing and cruising, the cuddy cabin will make a great choice. This is a very family-friendly boat with a small enclosure located below the deck. It is ideal if you plan on overnight stays on your boat.


For a boat with luxurious features, the cruiser will be perfect. You can find this boat in sizes of 7.7 to 13.7 meters. The boat has a bathroom, kitchen, dining area and many other features. It offers luxurious accommodation and the advantages of a small-scale yacht. 


When you have more cash to spend on a boat, you can go for a yacht. These are luxurious vessels that are used for leisure, racing and cruising. They are perfect for travelling with both family and friends. You can find a used yacht for a very competitive price.

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