Boat Surveyor Fort Myers – How a Sailing Yacht Survey is Done

Yachts are recreational ships or boats. The term comes from the Dutch Jacht which means ‘hunt’. These vessels were defined as light fast sailing vessels that were used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates as well as other transgressors. It is not until it was chosen by Charles II of England that it became known as the vessel for conveying important persons. If you are thing about buying a used yacht, working with a boat surveyor Fort Myers is one of the best things you can do. The surveyor will give you a comprehensive inspection of the vessel to help you know if it is a good fit or not. Here are some of the things a boat surveyor will do. 

Hull inspection

It is the duty of a boat surveyor Fort Myers to make sure that the body of the vessel is in good condition. Oftentimes, a hull inspection requires the yacht to be placed in a dry-dock or slipped away. The marine surveyor then inspects the keel, stern frame, stem, rudder and the outside and bottom of the vessel. The surveyor makes sure the body is in satisfactory condition. If repairs are needed, the surveyor will inform you.

All openings to the sea

Every opening to the sea has to be examined. This includes the sanitary and overboard discharges. The surveyor will also take a look at all the valves that are connected. If the vessel is made of aluminum, insulating materials in the joints of the shell connections and between dissimilar metals will be examined.

The surveyor will also take a look at the following items:

  • Hatches
  • Superstructures
  • Skylights
  • Companionways
  • Ventilator and air pipe coamings
  • Openings in the yacht’s sides including the freeing ports
  • Flush deck scuttles

Steering gear

To ensure the vessel is in good operating condition, the boat surveyor will also inspect all the accessible parts of the steering gear. This will include every associated equipment as well as a control system. The steering gear must be tested operationally. The key is to ensure everything is in satisfactory condition.

Other areas that will be inspected include:

  • Anchoring equipment
  • Aluminum or steel yachts have to be gauged in line with the regulations
  • Decks, casings and superstructures must be examined
  • Interior of the vessel may be opened out by removing ceiling, lining or portable tanks
  • Fastenings must be hammer-tested to evaluate their soundness.
  • Wood decks/sheathing must be examined and caulking be tested and re-caulked.

A lot goes into a yacht inspection. This post barely covers all the areas that will be inspected. Sitting down with a surveyor to understand what will be done is the only way to know what will be done. Find a boat surveyor with a good reputation.

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