Boat Surveyor Estero – What is a Pre-Purchase Survey?

Finding a boat surveyor Estero is not as hard. You will get so many recommendations with a simple internet search or by asking for recommendations from other boaters. The issue, however, is finding the surveyor that will deliver the type of services you need. When choosing a surveyor, it is imperative that you start by determining the type of survey you want. That way you will know what to expect from a service provider. In this post, we will be focusing on a pre-purchase survey.

What is a pre-purchase survey?

A pre-purchase survey is usually the most in-depth of all surveys. It looks at the boat in detail and offers a price recommendation. It is more of a road-worthy certificate for a boat. The boat surveyor Estero will inspect the boat while in the water and out of water. A sea trial will also be done to understand how the boat really performs. At the end of the day, you will be provided with a survey report which includes all the findings, recommended repairs and the fair market value of the boat. A pre-purchase survey will save you money, time and effort in the long run since you will not spend money on a doomed vessel. You will also be certain that everyone on board is safe. This type of survey can be requested by the seller or the buyer.

Scope of a pre-purchase survey

While you can make arrangements with the marine surveyor regarding what you want to be inspected, there are market forces that have created a ‘norm’ pre-purchase’ ‘condition as well as value’ survey. The survey is usually non-destructive. It focuses on the condition of the boat, checks the systems for basic operations and adherence to applicable regulations and standards. The surveyor will also search for warning signs which may require a follow-on inspection by a specialist. The survey further strives to determine the overall value of the vessel. A pre-purchase survey is more of a doctor giving a patient a physical checkup, except the appraisal part.

Boat surveys are usually limited inspections. The surveyor will not take any component apart to look inside. He only listens and observes. At times imagining equipment may be used to look inside components without taking them apart. If an issue is detected, the surveyor will recommend working with a specialist to know what the actual issue is.

You must never rely on a survey report that is months old. Insurance companies, will not accept survey reports that are more than 6 months old. This is because a boat survey is a snapshot of the boat at the time the survey is done. A lot can change within a few days. That is why you must always contact a boat surveyor Estero for a fresh survey when you want to buy a used boat.

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