Boat Surveyor Estero – How to Interpret a Survey Report

Hiring a boat surveyor Estero is not something you should rush. The input of the surveyor is what will give you an idea of what to expect from the boat you are about to buy. You don’t want the survey report you get to be based on guesswork, do you? You also want the survey report to be accepted by insurance or financial institutions. It’s for this reason that you must ensure you hire the best surveyor for the job.

The next thing you must do is learn how to interpret the marine survey report. Unless you ask, a boat surveyor Estero will give you a survey report and leave it at that. It is your job to ask him or her questions about the report. But how exactly should you interpret these reports? Here are a few things you must do.

Educate yourself on what is a big issue and what is not

After getting a survey report, it is easy to make a mountain out of a molehill. The truth is not every issue the surveyor says needs to be fixed is a major problem. To avoid overreacting once the report comes in, you have to take time to educate yourself on the specific boat you own or plan on buying.

If the boat is a popular model, you will be able to find information about its performance statistics as well as possible problems on the internet. Look up information on how people deal with common issues with the model. If the boat is older or unique, you may have a harder time getting information on it. Search owners’ associations and clubs to see if there is any information about the boat. If you can’t find any information, you need to sit down with your marine surveyor to discuss their findings.

Several items will be included

A boat survey is the same as a home inspection. This means the survey report will include a list of items that have to be addressed. Don’t panic if the list seems a bit long. Larger issues such as engine malfunction or hull delamination need to be addressed by the seller. The buyer will take care of the smaller issues.

No used boat is perfect

Even if the seller has had the boat for just a few months, you have to understand that there is no second-hand boat that is perfect. You need to contact a boat surveyor Estero to perform a thorough survey. Never rely on the survey report that was done months ago. A lot can change within weeks.

When reviewing a boat survey report, it is good to remain objective. Review the survey with as little emotion as possible. Review the cost of required repairs or replacements and make sure these costs will not strain you. If you don’t like a boat, don’t be afraid to walk away.

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